WWE: Where does CM Punk fit in on the WrestleMania card?

WWE’s Monday night’s edition of RAW is live from Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is the hometown of CM Punk who recently took a leave of absence from the company following some tension backstage.

Fans want Punk back and that will be made clear Monday night. It’s not just Chicago that’s been calling for Punk’s return. Audiences at RAW events have been holding signs, chanting Punks name and making it known they want the “Chicago Made” Punk back inside the squared circle. There’s also been reports of fans being kicked out of RAW for chanting Punk’s name or holding up signs. It was as if the WWE wanted nothing to do with him after his departure.

However, Chicago’s ready for it. There’s been a Twitter account started just for Monday’s RAW. It’s handle reads @ChicagoRAWcrowd with a bio reading, “We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Chicago = Change #hijackRAW #WWEChicago #NoMovement.” The account has over 8.2k followers and is a statement from the WWE Universe that they want Punk back and changes made within WWE.WWE

Earlier in the year the plans looked to have CM Punk facing Triple H at WrestleMania after the story line had Punk bumping heads with The Authority.

The last time Punk was seen on WWE television was the Royal Rumble a match in which he entered as the number one entry, lasted for nearly the entire match before being pulled over the top rope by Kane who was eliminated from the match earlier on.

The RAW following the the Royal Rumble left Punk off the card as it appeared he was told to tell the live crowd he suffered a concussion and couldn’t compete. Several sites said Punk wasn’t happy with that story line and left RAW that night. We haven’t seen him since.

Now rumors are swirling that Punk is “expected” to return to RAW tomorrow night from his hometown of Chicago. If this is truly the case, where does Punk fit into the WrestleMania card. The direction WWE looks to be going is Daniel Bryan versus Triple H at WrestleMania since Punk’s departure.

If Punk is returning then WWE has to stick him somehwere on the WrestleMania card and it looks like the only logical place to put him is in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. A match that’s supposed to be current champion, Randy Orton against 2014 Royal Rumble winner, Batista. A match that has no momentum or interest from the WWE Universe.

If Punk does return and that’s the game plan, to somehow throw him into the championship match picture then that’s just the spark that title match needs. Nobody wants to see Orton versus Batista one on one, so why not throw one of the biggest names in wrestling today into it  and have a triple threat match for the belt at WrestleMania.

This will change the popular interest of a lousy Mania’ championship match into a match worth watching. The crowd will undoubtedly be behind CM Punk the whole way but that’s what they want. So cross your fingers because the Chicago hometown hero may be back tomorrow night.