New York Yankees: Carlos Beltran scores his first Yankees homer

Carlos Beltran, outfielder.

Carlos Beltran hits a homer

New York Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran got his start in the Major leagues playing for the Kansas City Royals about 6 years after I was born. For those of you who do not know me personally that would mean he started in 1998. He played outfield there or about 6 years before moving on to the Astros. He wasn’t with the Houston Astros for long before the New York Mets became interested in him, and picked him up for 6 years. After that he played for a year in San Francisco with the Giants, then the St. Louis Cardinals for 2 years and now he’s a Yankee. A true American Yankee, playing outfield in the classic pin stripes and keeping his face clean shaven. Beltran has 358 homers in his 16 seasons of major league baseball.

He gone!

March 2, 2014 marks the very first home run of Beltran’s career with the Yankees, and that home run is one of 8 runs to beat out the Toronto Blue Jays. He done good folks, he done good! While he is one of the best postseason hitters in baseball today he tends to have very poor preseason performance at bat, and that’s why this particular home run is so important to the Yankees. It might just be me, but I’m thinking he finally found his niche, his forte, his home…and luckily for New York it’s with the Yankees!

Bye bye birdy!

Carlos Beltran hits a homer

Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Todd Redmond

Toronto’s major league team, the Blue Jays, came out to play and went home sad on Sunday. New York’s Bronx Bombers scored 8 runs including Beltran’s first homer off of relief pitcher Todd Redmond in the third inning. His home run capped off a four-run inning in which Eduardo Nunez scored a two run home run as well. Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi was happy to see Beltran make contact with the ball during preseason, but even happier to see it fly far right, straight over the fence. Toronto made some decent plays and put two runs on the board. Toronto starter Esmil Rogers pitched for two innings but gave up three hits with only one strike out.

Three homers and a win

Carlos Beltran is the hitter we’re all impressed with. We knew he could do it but we’re more used to it happening in post-season. However he is not the only one to hit a home run against the Blue Jays on Sunday. In fact, two other home runs went up on the board, and as mentioned before one led to a two run score. John Ryan Murphy and Eduardo Nunez both scored home runs during the early spring training game with Toronto. At this point we’re seeing great things happen for the Bombers as they head towards the 2014 regular season, and one can only hope it turns out to another World Series worthy year. We need it, after all! With all positions firing away their absolute best, scoring multiple home runs a game, and striking out more than a couple guys on the opposing team the Yankees can work their way back up to the top of the charts and remind America why we’re the great American team. So congrats to Beltran and his first (of many) homer with the Yankees and congrats to the team for another preseason.

Masahiro Tanaka is expected to pitch again on Thursday the 6th, and Jeter was not active during the match-up with the Blue Jays.