Philadelphia 76ers: Could all these losses have a long-term effect?

Yesterday’s loss to the Orland Magic brought the Philadelphia 76ers a little closer to that number one draft pick. This was a big loss for the Sixers, for both them and Orlando are in the race for last place.

The fact of the matter is that the Sixers have now lost 14-games straight, and with last night’s defeat, the Sixers now four games ahead of the Magic. Although the Sixers are that much closer to the top pick, fans have to wonder if the pile of losses will have any long-term effect.

If the team’s average age was 26 I’d say for sure, but because Thaddeus Young is the oldest player, then their youth only makes them hungrier for success.

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After the Danny Granger buyout, the Sixers’ average age is 23.6. The best part of having such young squad is that most of them are just trying to find a team that wants them. Their memories are short.

Thinking too far into the future isn’t smart, because there is plenty more basketball still to be played. With 22 games left, there’s a legitimate chance that the Sixers won’t win another game this season.

“This is the truth — if we don’t play better transition defense and if we don’t share the ball, then we have some problems. That’s a fact,” said Brown.

What fans should remember is that a lot of these guys won’t be around next year. The roster is going to continue to change as GM Sam Hinkie tries to rebuild the team into playoff contenders. These losses may have an immediate impact on the team’s confidence but that’s fine considering the goal. Hinkie is going to continue to look for players who can contribute.

Michael Carter-Williams is one of nine players to appear in a game with a year or less of experience this season.

Michael Carter-Williams is one of nine players to appear in a game with a year or less of experience this season.

With players constantly being traded in-and-out, memories will be short and the threat of harming the team’s mojo is not realistic. Besides, it seems as if the players understand what is happening and that the season is about looking at the big picture.


The floor is filled with inexperienced players who are looking for their fit in the NBA. With their youth comes optimism. Most of these players believe that they are getting extremely close to breaking into the winning column. Rookie Michael Carter-Williams, one of nine players to appear in a game with a year or less of experience this season, claims the Sixers are real close to winning.

“We just have to keep working and keep sticking together. We’re in the game, we’ve been blown out in the past, but we’re in the game. We just have to keep teams from going on those runs. It goes from eight to 18 in two minutes, so we have to stop that,” said Carter-Williams.

MCW may be a player Hinkie wants around for awhile, but there is going to be a lot of new faces coming into the program. The Sixers just don’t want one or two losing seasons to end up lingering for an extended period of time. We don’t want to see them end up like the Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons or Milwaukee Bucks.

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