Dallas Stars: Robidas is off to Anaheim

As we approach the NHL trade deadline tomorrow, the Dallas Stars will be losing their assistant captain.

Stephane Robidas:

Because of the severe injury that Stephane Robidas had earlier this season, he has only been able to play 24 games. In those 24 games he has had 5 points (4 goals, 1 assist), and maintained a +7 rating.

Here is the video of the play in which he broke his leg.

For the powerhouse Anaheim Ducks, this will only further solidify their solid defense that has given up only 2.36 goals per game and 28.5 shots per game.

As for the Dallas Stars, this may have been the best time to trade Robidas in terms of his value. Robidas has been an inspiration in how he has handled his recovery, and NHL clubs may believe that he may come back healthier than before. This being said, losing Robidas is not what the Stars need right now. Entering the trade deadline the Stars need to tighten up on defense, this includes keeping veteran talent on the line.

The Dallas Stars will receive a 4th round pick for Stephane Robidas.

This trade appears to be more legitimate minute by minute. Dustin Penner was traded to Washington for a 4th round pick, which appears to have been a trade in order to clear up cap space for the Ducks to acquire Robidas.

With the Dallas Stars already having played all of their games against Anaheim this season, Stars fans may not get to see Robidas in Dallas for the rest of the season. That is of course unless they play each other in the playoffs, which may be a first round possibility as Dallas currently holds the 8th seed in the Western Conference and Anaheim holds the number 1 seed.

Who do you think the Dallas Stars will try to acquire with the extra cap space?

The Stars take on the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight at 5PM MT.

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