Philadelphia 76ers: Is Brett Brown the right fit?

When a team is as bad as the Philadelphia 76ers are, it is easy to point the finger at one person.  In most situations, the head coach is the guy who gets the majority of the blame for the team’s struggles.    

At the end of last season, there were 13 different NBA head coaches who were let go by their respective teams.  This number was fairly high, but not unusual since coaches coming and going is common in professional sports. 

Following the three years that former head coach Doug Collins spent in Philadelphia, the Sixers needed to make a coaching change after Collins resigned.  After evaluating a list of different candidates, Brett Brown was the one they selected.

When Brown took the job, he was well aware of the current direction the team was heading in and what General Manager Sam Hinkie had planned on doing with them.  Brown appeared to be on board with Hinkie’s plan and gracefully accepted the job he was offered.

Now with about one fourth of the season left, the Sixers sit at 15-45 and do not appear to be getting any better.  They most certainly will finish either last or second to last in the league, depending on whether or not they will be passed by the Milwaukee Bucks.

After a season this bad by any team, the common protocol would be to fire the head coach.  However, the situation in Philadelphia is a bit different as Brown’s job appears to be safe for now.

It is hard to blame Coach Brown for the misfortunes the team has had this season.  If a coach is strapped with a team this awful, there is no way that he deserves the culpability. 

Sam Hinkie brought Brown in as the guy that would hopefully be here for the long run.  They both were well aware that Brown was walking into fire when he joined the Sixers, so his coaching cannot be seen as the problem.

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What Sixers fans want to know is whether or not he can be the guy to lead this team to productive seasons in the future.  Despite the struggles this year, there is no reason not to believe that with better players, Brown can be a winning head coach.

Brown was a part of the San Antonio Spurs organization for over 10 years.   As basketball fans know, the Spurs always have what it takes to win games.


They have many superstar players, but the coaching staff deserves a great deal of the credit as well.  Gregg Popovich will go down as one of the greatest coaches to ever coach the game of basketball.

Just because the Sixers are doing so poorly, don’t think that Brown is not using the same coaching schemes that he learned as an assistant to Popovich.  Once the Sixers can establish themselves with some solid players, the coaching ability of Brown should only help them.

The defense of the team is horrific and has gotten worse as the season has progressed.  The coach can often be the one to point at for this, but in Brown’s situation, it is much different.

All year long, his team has dealt with injuries and different players coming and going.  It is hard for him to develop a true defensive scheme when they continuously are plugging new players into different spots.

It is hard to tell for this season, but next season is when the Sixers should have an idea if Brown is right for the long term.  The Sixers will have many new players next year with much more talent than they currently have.

If Brown can prove that he is a winning coach with the core of players he has next season, then the Sixers certainly will continue to keep him in the position he currently is in.  As of right now, his job in Philadelphia is safe and appears he will have more opportunities to prove that he is worthy of a head coaching job.

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