The start of March means the start of another great March Madness for Duke Basketball

March is the greatest month for college basketball fans.  It’s the start of the greatest tournament in sports.  It is the start of shock and awe.  It is the start of great plays, and upsets in the making.  March provides one of the most memorable weekends of the year, and it all starts with basketball season.  The NCAA tournament is one of the most memorable events in all of American, and one of the biggest.

March is the beginning of one of the biggest months for Duke Blue Devils; they have their last game against North Carolina, the ACC tournament, and the NCAA tournament.  The Blue Devils have a great track record in March with twenty three ACC tournament championships, fifteen Final Fours, and four National Championships.  This should be another great season for Duke basketball, but they will have difficulty in both the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament.  They are not as strong as they have been in the past so they could have an earlier out of both tournaments then what they are accustomed to.

The ACC tournament will not be easy for them at all.  They have teams like Virginia, Syracuse, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh.  They have lost to Syracuse and North Carolina already this season.  While beating Virginia and Pittsburgh a total of three times so far.  This will start a difficult road for the Blue Devils.  It won’t get any easier going forward to the NCAA tournament.

The NCAA tournament Duke will more than likely be a two seed in it unless they win the ACC tournament, and depending on who they get matched up with could have a challenge as soon as the Sweet Sixteen.  They will have to be ready to compete with the bigger teams, but they have gotten better at that later in the season.  This could be a memorable season for Duke, but it also could end in disappointment.  This team has weaknesses, but they have been getting better at them this whole season.

March can get off to a great start with Duke beating North Carolina this week and can continue in to the ACC tournament.  Duke should have another great March, and be looking to make it to Dallas for the Final Four this season.

March is a great time for college basketball fans.  You get upsets, great finishes, and teams playing their hardest to move on.  This is the greatest time of the year.  The weather gets warmer; the sun is starting to get brighter, and feels warmer.  The snow is melting and you get longer days.  March is a great month and it gets topped off with the last couple weeks of March having college basketball starting the NCAA tournament.