Kansas City Chiefs: Draft prospect Kelvin Benjamin

Florida State Seminoles

Kelvin Benjamin is a big wide receiver that would complement the Chiefs passing attack in 2014.

The Kansas City Chiefs struggled all of last year finding a second passing threat opposite side of Dwayne Bowe. With the draft coming up in the beginning of May, the scouting process has begun, and the Chiefs are looking for the next guy that could make a huge difference come this fall.

Who he is

Kelvin Benjamin, wide receiver out of Florida State, is a huge physical specimen that could complement the Chiefs passing attack quite nicely. The 6-foot-5 240-pound redshirt sophomore had a superb season last year on FSU’s way to winning the BCS National Championship. Benjamin was by far Jameis Winston’s number one target and has that ability to be a team’s number one guy at the next level as well. After watching tape of some of his performances last year, I saw a lot more good things about him than there were downsides.

Where he excels

Benjamin definitely has the home run ability you want to see in a high-profile wideout. He uses his strength well, pushing guys off the line and being able to get to the second level and use his top end speed. There are many times where he shows great field awareness and uses his athletic ability to make difficult catches near the sideline and in the endzone for touchdowns. In his game against Florida in December, Benjamin showed just how difficult it can be to defend him when he broke three or four tackles on his way to a 40+ yard touchdown run.

Where he needs work

For all the great attributes Benjamin brings to the table, there are some areas where he could improve. For such a big wide receiver, I was not impressed with his blocking ability although he does show effort in this area. His first step quickness is slow and he has trouble making people miss, but seems to make up for it with his strength and overall speed. Although in most cases Benjamin shows he has above average hands, there are times he gets a little too excited and begins to run without the ball.

How he fits in with the Chiefs

It seems unlikely that a talent like Kelvin Benjamin would fall as far as the 23rd pick in this year’s draft. I would assume the farthest he would fall is 22nd to the Philadelphia Eagles, but if in fact he falls further the Chiefs should absolutely consider him to be their future number one receiver. Dwayne Bowe just inked a new deal last season, but eventually the Chiefs are going to need to look for a new go to guy, and for the time being, need to look for a guy who can be a consistent target other than Bowe. Benjamin is a little taller and bigger than Bowe and could help the Chiefs and Alex Smith tremendously contend in 2014 in the deep AFC West.

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