San Francisco 49ers: The Harbaugh chronicles

San Francisco 49ersSo here we are it’s the beginning of March and the San Francisco 49ers find themselves surrounded by controversy on whether or not their coach, Jim Harbaugh, is on his way out.  This is hard to fathom considering that in his first three seasons as head coach, he is a combined 36-11-1 with three consecutive NFC championship appearances, a feat that has never been done by a coach in his first three seasons, and a Superbowl appearance.

When you keep in mind how much this once proud franchise struggled before Harbaugh’s arrival one would be dumbfounded if told that there was a chance that these two could part ways but when reports surfaced about a potential deal with the Cleveland Browns to acquire Harbaugh then it’s safe to say that all bets are off.  The 49ers denied that they were listening to any offers and have stated that Harbaugh will be their coach but the fact remains that one of the best coaches in the NFL has yet to sign an extension.

His current contract is set to expire next season and the 49ers may very well be waiting until then to discuss a new deal but until that happens more and more rumors and stories will come out expressing how much he and the 49ers front office don’t get along.  From him wanting too much power, to him wanting to be the highest paid coach, to his intensity finally starting to alienate his team, this story just does not seem to want to go away.

The current hot topic is that some of the top level players on the 49ers roster are starting to grow tiresome of Jim Harbaugh’s coaching.  I find this to be ridiculous and laughable.  Guys like Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore have done nothing but loose on a consistent basis without Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick who was granted his opportunity by Harbaugh is on the verge of getting a significant contract extension so I find it hard to believe that any of these “faces of the franchise” would have any problem with their current coach.

There has been speculation that Harbaugh and general manager Trent Baalke have not been on the same page for quite some time and there is talk that at one point, the 49ers will eventually have to choose between them both.  After a decade of being irrelevant and nowhere near a championship caliber team and now witnessing this current success, it will be very hard to go back to the old ways.  I’m not saying that the 49ers should definitely choose Harbaugh, the record of 36-11 is.

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