WWE: Wyatts and Shield bring life back to stables

The WWE has always had it’s fair share of factions that saw a team of two or more superstars wreaking havoc throughout RAW or SmackDown but the WWE hasn’t had a two tremendous factions like the Wyatt Family and The Shield for quite sometime.

These two groups are bringing stables in the WWE back to life. They’re gimmicks are unique, they’re talented on the mic and in the ring and both groups do it differently which helps the cause.

The Shield has three guys who can easily make a name for themselves in the WWE. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns could all excel individually but together they’ve made a big impact.

The Wyatt Family on the other hand is full of talented guys as well but what’s different about them is that individually I don’t see guys like Luke Harper and Erik Rowan being able to handle a singles career without being stuck on the mid card level.

Bray Wyatt is capable of being a main event superstar as the WWE is already acknowledging that by putting him against John Cena at WrestleMania. Guys like Rowan and Harper don’t have the gimmicks to get them past the group so when the Wyatt Family days are over those two will need to be repackaged.WWE

The Wyatt Family isn’t showing any signs of slowing down but The Shield is. After RAW saw Rollins abandoned his team in a match against the Wyatt’s it appears the tension between Ambrose and Reigns has left Rollins frustrated with the group.

It’s been speculated that Reigns might see a push once the group officially breaks up and that may come sooner rather than later. With no plans yet for the Shield at WrestleMania, breaking them up and booking a triple threat match between the three men seems like a good option. If that were the case I could see Reigns getting the win and starting his singles career off on the right foot.

In the meantime, both The Shield and Wyatts have successfully brought back life to WWE stables. I haven’t seen two groups who have the crowd over and do great work since maybe Evolution.

These two groups are proving to be must-watch matches especially when they face one another. The Shield and Wyatt’s match at Elimination Chamber was top notch and round two on RAW was entertaining and impressive as well.

Enjoy it while lasts because the stables won’t be here forever but for now it’s making for some excellent matches and story lines.

  • Terri

    I LOVE the Shield, all 3 guys are great