The Indianapolis Colts finally cut Samson Satele

Let’s not sugarcoat this, the day Samson Satele was cut was a day many Colts fans had been waiting for.

Personally, I was standing in my kitchen, getting ready to chow down on some subway, when I got a text from a friend, asking who the Indianapolis Colts had cut. And when I checked my twitter feed, I was smiling like crazy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I feel for Satele, it isn’t fun to watch somebody to lose their job. I certainly hope him the best.

But, it meant the Colts were taking a huge step forward: addition by subtraction.

A big source of the offensive line’s failings could be attributed to Satele. He’s not overly powerful, athletic or intelligent, he didn’t really have much going for him football-wise.

And yet, the coaching staff insisted on keeping him in the starting lineup, letting Andrew Luck and company pay the price for their decision.

Satele is now gone, not only does that upgrade the offensive line, but also saves the Colts $4 million in cap space.

This means the Colts, practically, were back to their original cap number after signing D’Qwell Jackson (this was before they re-signed punter Pat McAfee).

Moving forward, it’s time for the blue and white to find a replacement at center.

Could it be 2013 draftee Khaled Holmes, or will the front office look elsewhere to find someone who’s willing to let Luck touch their butt?

Some names in free agency include Jonathon Goodwin, Evan Dietrich-Smith and Brian De La Puente.

What are your thoughts on the Colts releasing Samson Satele? Who do you want to replace him? Let me know in the comments section. Go Colts!

Here’s a video of newly re-signed McAfee interviewing recently cut Satele:

  • CaliKing

    He needed to go asap!!! Now we need development from 2nd year pros, im talking each and everyone!