Kansas City Chiefs: Draft prospect Martavis Bryant

Kansas City Chiefs

Wide receiver Martavis Bryant could have a big impact for a team in the NFL.

The Kansas City Chiefs could use a wide receiver like Sammy Watkins out of Clemson to help provide a spark for the offense. With Watkins likely being the first receiver drafted this year, the Chiefs will need to look elsewhere, however, not too far away. Clemson’s number two wide receiver Martavis Bryant is a guy that could really be a steal in this year’s draft.

Who he is

Martavis Bryant is a 6’4” 210 lbs junior wide receiver with a tremendous upside. While teammate Sammy Watkins recorded 101 receptions while tallying up 1464 yards and 12 touchdowns, it was easy to overlook Bryant on Clemson’s roster. Bryant hauled in 42 grabs of his own with 828 yards and seven touchdowns, which are not bad numbers in themselves. Watkins was quarterback Tajh Boyd’s second favorite target last season, but I would argue he could be a number one guy on a team without a talent such as Sammy Watkins.

Where he excels

Martavis Bryant has tremendous pure speed. He easily is able to beat defenders off the ball and uses his athletic ability to make difficult catches on a regular basis. He has good hands and good awareness of where he is on the field at all times. I really was impressed watching his tape and seeing his ability to block. He is not a huge wide receiver but he hustles well and continues to block to help his teammates out throughout the duration of the play.

Where he needs work

It was difficult to find many flaws in Martavis Bryant’s game. The biggest knock on him would be his size. With a nearly 6’4” receiver, you would typically like to see a little more girth on a guy in order to compete in the NFL. With Bryant’s speed, however, it may be enough to overcome his 210 lbs frame and be able to develop into a serious threat for an NFL roster.

How he fits in with the Chiefs

Martavis Bryant is projected to be drafted between rounds two and three. This could work out very nicely for the Chiefs. It is highly unlikely they would consider him in the first round, but without a second round pick, it could be a risk trying to wait and get him in the third round. Bryant is a receiver I think could be a contributor for a long time for the Chiefs. His speed and athletic ability should transfer over to the NFL and with his playmaking ability he could be another threat that enters in the AFC West.

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