Mexico Soccer: Getting back to 100; Mexico sorely needs Giovani Dos Santos’s speedy recovery


El Tri is in dyer need of the irreplicable services of Giovani Dos Santos. Absent from the clash with Nigeria due to injury, Dos Santos missed out on the perfect opportunity to prove his worth to head coach Miguel Herrera. With a long list at Herrera’s disposal Dos Santos may have dreaded his luck.

But Herrea is no fool, and knows what Dos Santos can offer the national team especially at a World Cup.

Dos Santos’s needs to get back to 100. On Saturday Dos Santos was not available for Villarreals clash with Granada at Nuevo Los Carmens. The yellow submarine fell 2-0 without Dos Santos as he was still not ready for action.

Dos Santos’s speedy recovery is sorely needed as he remains Mexicos deadliest weapon for the World Cup. In South Africa Dos Santos was hands down Mexico’s greatest asset. During events of ample magnitude Dos Santos always seems to take his play to another level.

On Wednesday, Dos Santos’s absence was sorely felt. Dos Santos when at his best offers El Tri mobility, intelligence, speed, and a superb strike from outside the box.

Dos Santos may be one of El Tri’s most dynamic and complete players. With Carlos Vela long gone into the shadows of obscurity Dos Santos must step it up and surpass all expectations. If anyone can make up for Vela’s absence it is Dos Santos.

The young Monterrey born attacker has a knack for being El Tri’s motor. Without him El Tri lacks an edge over the opposition. And while Mexico has great players in its arsenal Dos Santos is one that can not be replaced by any means. And it is not a question of talent, he obviously posses great caliber. Rest assured a healthy Dos Santos will definitely make to Brazil but staying injury free is not a simple task for any athlete.