WWE: Wrestlemania 30 will be Daniel Bryan’s shining moment

Daniel Bryan RAWEver since Summerslam, Daniel Bryan has been being buried by the WWE.

The Biggest Party of the Summer was where it all started. Bryan won the title over John Cena with Triple H as the special guest ref. The King of Kings went on to hit Bryan with a Pedigree, allowing Randy Orton to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the 12th World Title of his career.

Since then, Bryan has been so very close to winning the title, but has gotten screwed out of it on numerous occasions.

Let’s look how many times:

  • He won the WWE title on Night of Champions, but the referee’s count was very quick. He was stripped of the title the nextbryan title night.
  • At WWE Battleground, his title match vs. Orton ended in a no contest after Big Show interfered.
  • Shawn Michaels (Special Guest Ref), who was supposed to be Bryan’s friend, kicked Bryan in the face so Orton retained the title again.
  • Bryan was not in the Royal Rumble
  • Kane pulled the referee away after Bryan was about to win title at Elimination Chamber. Bryan eventually lost the match.

If you include Summerslam, that is six times WWE has kept Bryan away from the World Title.

Royal Rumble was the last straw for fans. They were outraged when Batista had returned from a four year absence and had come back to win the Royal Rumble. Fans wanted it to be Bryan’s moment to shine, and they showed their unhappiness when The Animal won the Rumble.

Wrestlemania 30 will be different, however. WWE knows that fans are tired of watching Bryan fail. The Yes! Man has worked harder than anyone else in the company and has gotten little reward from the WWE for it.

As it looks now, Bryan is on his way to fight Triple H at Wrestlemania. Triple H has been the one behind Bryan’s failure, and Bryan has challenged him to a match two weeks ago on RAW. Triple H has been continuously denying Bryan’s challenge, but with just three weeks until the Showcase of Immortals, Triple H will have to accept soon.

Bryan will likely beat Triple H at Mania. There is no reason for Triple H to win. The Game has nothing to lose; however that is not the Wrestlemania moment for Bryan I am talking about.

Bryan’s Wrestlemania moment will be winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

I know that doesn’t make sense since Bryan is not in the title match, but I firmly believe he will be. The current WWEWHC match is between Orton and Batista, a match that very few (if any) WWE fans are looking forward to. With the negative heat these two are getting, there is no way the WWE can carry on with this as the main event of Wrestlemania 30.

Bryan will have to be added to the match, and if he is added he is going to win the title. After months of being kept away from the title, it will finally be Bryan’s moment to shine.

If Bryan is taking on Triple H, how is he supposed to win the title? That is where Hulk Hogan comes in.

The Hulkster was not made the host of Wrestlemania just to bring some more attention to one of the biggest Pay per Views WWE has ever had. Much like The Rock at Wrestlemania 27, Hogan will leave a lasting impact on the 30th anniversary of the Granddaddy of Them All. After Bryan beats Triple H, Hogan should announce that Bryan has worked so hard and has been added to the WWEWHC title match, making the match a triple threat match.

Imagine this: Bryan beats Triple H and Hogan adds him to the match. The Flying Goat then goes on to wrestle in the main event. Bryan eventually wins the WWEWHC whether it is via pin or submission. The fans would go absolutely insane in the New Orleans Superdome.

Daniel Bryan chanting YES with the crowd with both titles in hand at the end of Wrestlemania 30. That is a Wrestlemania moment that no one watching would ever forget.

  • Jean-François Maigrot