Matt Cassel will likely be the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback next season

Why else would the Minnesota Vikings resign Matt Cassel to a 2-year, $10 million deal?

Cassel had tons of other options besides Minnesota, and could have been promised a starting job for numerous teams like the Jaguars, Browns or Texans; however, Cassel chose to stay in Minnesota for two more years.

This is interesting.

I don’t mind the move, but I was excited for a rookie quarterback to come in and take the reigns in Minnesota. This is now unlikely with the Cassel resigning.

Rick Spielman made a bold move with this resigning. It’s probable but not certain that he guaranteed Cassel the starting job. In hindsight, Cassel did put up solid numbers with the Vikings last season, throwing for 11 touchdowns and 1,807 yards. If the Vikings sign some offensive line help, Cassel will be a good veteran quarterback for this team.

Currently, Minnesota is a mess on the offensive line and most of the guys that could back up Cassel next season won’t get the job done.

If the Vikings want to reach the playoffs next season with Matt Cassel as the starting quarterback they need to do a few things:

1. Sign good offensive line help through free agency.

2. Add another threat on offense, maybe Darren Sproles?

Of course, the NFL draft will help, but there is no possible way for Minnesota to fill all of its needs there. It all comes down to signing the right guys via free agency to fill the voids.

Adrian Peterson wanted Michael Vick, but Cassel may have to do.

Adrian Peterson wanted Michael Vick, but Cassel may have to do.

I question if Rick Spielman has the brains to do that, however.

During Spielman’s tenure as General Manager there have been a few questionable free agency signings. Jerome Simpson is an example. Simpson had off the field issues, something that the Vikings knew they may have to deal with before signing him. Spielman took the gamble on Simpson and it pretty much backfired. Simpson was never the contributor the Vikings thought he was going to be to the offense.

The same goes for the offensive line. Charlie Johnson has been a burden to the offensive line ever since Spielman signed him. Guards are arguably the most important players on the offensive line and Johnson never had much upside, just a player that could fill the hole. He was also a cheap option for the Vikings.

Minnesota needs to acquire more talented players to protect and help Cassel in the offense. Sometimes the cheaper option is a scary route to take and if the Vikings are going to win the division with Cassel as quarterback they need to go big in free agency this offseason.

  • Mnstorm99

    Cassel was the best bridge QB available, and the Vikings made sure to sign him. The team would have likely needed to trade away too much of the draft to get a top QB, and Cassel gives them a 1-2 year transition time. Cassel might excel in Norv’s system as well, I see this as a good fit. Also, the money suggests that if a rookie is outperforming Cassel, they may be willing to pull the trigger. This looks to make Cassel the 21st ranked quarterback in terms of compensation, seems perfectly in line for me.

    Rarely does a QB start right away and make a true impact in their first year or two, and that is about how much time the Vikings have left with AP.

    I would be thrilled with Bridgewater or Bortles, but they won’t fall. I think trading back for more picks and targeting Carr late in the first or early second might be the best pick. There are other 2nd or 3rd round players I find intriguing; Garropolo, McCarron, Mettenberger…even Aaron Murry had first round promise before injuries.

    2011: Cam Newton (had a sophmore slump, but has shown ability in two of his first three years, also surrounded with a great team IMO); Jake Locker (huge questionmarks at this point, but may still pan out); Blaine Gabbert (may make a career as a backup); Christian Ponder (we know this story); I WILL SAY, this QB draft class seems very similar to 2011

    2012: Luck (special QB, and an exception to the rule); RGIII (talented, but still developing); Tannehill (Showed a lot more promise in his second year, and still getting there); Brandon Weeden (we won’t go there); Russel Wilson (not likely to happen, and look at the team surrounding him)

    2013 QB’s all have huge question marks at this point, but it was a questionable talent pool in the first place.

  • Justin

    First off what rookie were you expecting to come in and take the reigns on offense? There are no consensus sure fire starters this draft and anyone who has remotely followed this team this offseason knows there most likely path to success was signing a veteran QB and drafting a QB at some point (not necessarily the first round). Similarly the offensive line was one of the few bright spots outside of the guard position in the 2013 season, not to mention there are significantly more glaring needs at DT, DB, ILB and perhaps even one or two on offense, not named offensive line. I do not hate the idea of Darren Sproles but it just seems a tad out of place considering the litany of other needs they have and the fact that they have a more than few legit offensive weapons (AP, Patterson, Jennings, Rudolph). I think the vikings has more pressing concerns than offensive line and not many people expected the Vikings NOT to sign a veteran QB to start (who was most likely going to be Cassel anyway).