Charlotte Bobcats: 30 and Beyond

With their 105-98 win over the Denver Nuggets, the Charlotte Bobcats captured their 30th victory of the season. Their record, which stands at 30-34, is good enough to place the ‘Cats as the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

Check out highlights of Charlotte’s 30th, and most recent, win here:

The Bobcats are a full 5.5 games ahead of the 9th seed in the East, which is occupied by the Detroit Pistons – a team that Charlotte holds the tiebreaker over due to their head-to-head record. With only 18 games remaining in the season, it appears unlikely that the Bobcats are going to miss the playoffs, as long as they avoid any epic collapse or serious injury.

Rather, these last 18 games should be a chance to improve playoff seeding. Everyone knows that the top two teams in the East – Indiana and Miami – are far and away the best teams in the conference. If there is anyway the Bobcats could sneak up into the 5th or 6th seed, they would avoid the Pacers and the Heat in the first round. Seeding could be the difference between getting swept in the first round, or having a chance to win the first playoff game, and series, in Bobcats’ franchise history.

As of Tuesday morning, Charlotte is 3 games behind the Brooklyn Nets for the 6th spot and 3 and ½ games behind the Washington Wizards for the 5th seed. Here are the remaining schedules for those two teams, as well as the schedule of the Bobcats, Atlanta Hawks and Detroit Pistons – the two teams directly below Charlotte.

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Washington Wizards: 33-30, 5th seed
Games remaining – 19
Games against team above .500 – 6
Games against the Charlotte Bobcats – 3 (2 home and 1 away)

Brooklyn Nets: 32-30, 6th seed
Games Remaining – 20
Games against teams above .500 – 6
Games against the Charlotte Bobcats – 2 (1 home and 1 away)

Charlotte Bobcats: 30-34, 7th seed
Games Remaining – 18
Games against teams above .500 – 8

Atlanta Hawks: 27-35, 8th seed
Games remaining – 20
Games against teams above .500 – 9
Games against the Charlotte Bobcats – 2 (1 home and 1 away)

Detroit Pistons: 24-39, 9th seed
Games remaining – 19
Games against teams above .500 – 10
Games against the Charlotte Bobcats – 0 (Bobcats have clinched tiebreaker)

The Charlotte Bobcats play seven of their final 18 games against the two teams directly above, or below, them in the Eastern Conference playoff race. And, after looking at the schedules, it seems even more unlikely that the Pistons are able to jump over the Bobcats for a playoff berth considering the fact that Detroit faces the toughest schedule the rest of the way.

One thing is for sure, if Charlotte wants to move up in the playoff picture then the 5 remaining games against the Wizards and Nets are going to be the biggest games they play all year in the regular season – starting Wednesday night in Washington.

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