North Carolina Football: Nicks looking for destinations

The former Heels wants to be the missing link for some franchise

The former Heels wants to be the missing link for some franchise

As the National Football League prepares for the begging of free agency tomorrow former North Carolina wide out Hakeem Nicks spoke out about his future as an unrestricted free agent on ESPNNY. The 26 year old, who has only played for the New York Giants, told the world leader in sports that he has some destinations in mind for his next stop. And he choose them because he wants to be the missing link for the franchise he ends up with.

“I know if I went to a place like Indianapolis, I would be dangerous with a quarterback like Andrew Luck,” Nicks said. “I can see myself catching passes from Cam Newton or even Philip Rivers.”

Number 88 also told Josina Anderson that others players from other teams have been reaching out for his services in 2014.

“Players have already started to reach out to me from other teams saying they would love for me to come join them,” he told Anderson. “I just want to make it clear that I want a long-term deal and I want to be happy. I’m excited about talking to teams and making it work.”

On one side I have to say that it’s pretty cool that several teams seem to want the Giants wide receiver. On the other hand, it has to be pointed out that it’s pretty bold for Nicks to state he wants to be the missing link when last year he had 896 receiving yards and did not score once. And while Eli Manning did not have a great season last year either, but for that Nicks talking about other gunslingers without saying anything about his former QB does not make him look like a good team mate. My worry about the comment by Nicks is that franchises will steer away from the wide out thinking that the brash talk is a way to try and make people forget about the sub par performances of the past couple of years.

The best thing for Nicks is to find the right place to play in and be the best he can be, whether or not he is the missing link or not. Speaking about being the missing piece is just not the way to go for him at this time in his career. You can say “walk the talk” or “don’t tell me, show me” or any other saying, but it all comes back to what Hakeem Nicks will do on the gridiron is what people are interested in and nothing else.

In the end it will be interesting where Nicks end up and what kind of contract he gets. All of that will show how much people believe in his skills and what they think his talent level can elevate. As more comes out about this I will update all of you right here on ISPORTSWEB.