A look back to Duke Basketball’s regular season

The regular season came to an end for the Duke Basketball team on Saturday.  The last game was against North Carolina, and now it’s time for this team to look ahead to the ACC and NCAA tournaments.  It was a good season for the Blue Devils, but without a few bad losses, it could have been a great one.

The few bad losses for Duke came against Notre Dame, Clemson, and Wake Forest.  They all came on the road, but they were inexcusable.  These teams likely won’t make the NCAA tournament, and Wake Forest and Notre Dame won’t even make the NIT.  Two of them came early in the ACC season, but adding the Wake Forest loss hurts them going in to the NCAA tournament.  These are bad losses that kept this from being a great season for the Blue Devils.

The other four loses that the Blue Devils suffered were against some of the top teams in the country.  They weren’t blow outs and they competed in each of them.  The progress with some of the top teams makes you think that they have improved over the season.  They would have been able to lose those games and be a number one seed; it’s the other three that will keep them off the one line.http://youtu.be/fr5fU3gW9Tg

This has been a good season for the Blue Devils going 24-7, and 13-5 in the ACC earning the third seed in the ACC tournament.  Duke compete for ACC titles, and coming in third this season is a disappointment for them, but if they can win the ACC tournament it could help make this a great season.

They have struggled this season with some of the better teams, but in ACC play they helped show that they can compete and win against the best teams.  They have beaten teams like Virginia, Syracuse, North Carolina who was on a twelve game winning streak, and Michigan.  Michigan was the only great win outside of their conference, and every one of these games was at home.  Going forward they won’t have a home game again, and will have to beat some of these great teams in a neutral site game.

They have completed the regular season, and they had a good season, but they can still make it a great season with their performance in the ACC and NCAA tournament.  The ACC tournament they will be the third seed, and could have rematch games against Syracuse and North Carolina.  They could play Syracuse in the semifinals and North Carolina in the finals.

The NCAA tournament they should be a two seed, and depending on whom they get matched up against they could have a favorable road to the Final Four.  This season the one seeds are not as strong, and the only one seed they should look to avoid is Florida.  Arizona lost Brandon Ashley for the season, Wichita State is untested, but could be a great team to get to the Elite Eight.  Villanova is another team that could get a one seed, and as Creighton has showed us they struggle against three point shooting teams.  As long as Duke stays away from Florida they should be good going forward.