The 3 Biggest Off-Season issues the Colts should address

The Indianapolis Colts finished the 2013 regular season with a repeat record of 11-5 from the previous year. While this was above the standards most analysts predicted around the league, the Colts still have plenty of issues they need to address if they look to make it to Super Bowl in Arizona next year.

  1. The Offensive Line

The biggest issue the Colts will have to fix is the offensive line. Quarterback Andrew Luck faced continuous pressure from opposing defenses throughout the season and took more than his fair share of hits. Luck was sacked 32 times in 2013, an average of two per game. With Luck being the face and future of the franchise, the Colts will have to beef up a depleted line if they want to make sure the young quarterback can have a healthy career. Since they traded away their only first round pick in this year’s draft, the Colts will have to wait until the 59th pick in the second round before they can make their first selection. While it may not seem like a high draft choice, the Colts could easily find a good prospect to help build an offensive line for the future.

2. The Running Game

Working on the offensive line will hopefully help running back Trent Richardson prove that trading away a first round draft choice for the former Cleveland Brown will be looked at as a success and not a bust. Richardson averaged less than three yards a carry in a Colts uniform in 2013. While this off-season can be good for Richardson to become more familiar with the offense and even the timing with his offensive line, making sure Richardson has a successful 2014 is another key ingredient if the Colts look to be successful on offense. Since hiring offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, the Colts are looking to become a balanced offense while using the run to set up the play-action pass.

3. Signing Vontae Davis

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis is set to become a free agent this year. While reports have been said that the Colts are hoping to keep Davis, they better do it sooner rather than later. Davis is one of the best corners in the game today. While he may not be up on the level of Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis, he can be a shutdown corner for any team looking to bring one in. The league is evolving into more of a passing league and having a solid secondary is big for any team. With the Colts most likely letting Safety Antoine Bethea become a free agent, keeping Vontae may keep some hope alive for a defense that has struggled at times throughout 2013.

These issues are just among the many the Colts need to address this off-season if they look to go deep into the playoffs. With $36 million available in cap space, look for the Colts to spend some money to help soothe their problems.