VCU Basketball: Who will be on top of the A-10 Championship?

Who will be on top of the A-10 Championship? A great answer to that question, VCU. Predicting that No. 18 Saint Louis and newly ranked, No. 23 VCU make it to the final round, VCU’s havoc will probably outshine the Billikens. This havoc will be key, especially late in the game.

Now for how this final round was predicted. Assuming that George Mason beats Fordham, round two goes as follows:

  1. St. Bonaventure over La Salle
  2. Dayton over George Mason
  3. Richmond over Duquesne
  4. UMass over Rhode Island

St. Bonaventure’s win is based from their scores against La Salle during the regular season. St. Bonaventure won at home by 15 and lost away to La Salle by only 8. In addition, they had big wins against UMass and Richmond earlier in the season.

Rob Brandenberg dunking for VCU vs Richmond (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Rob Brandenberg dunking for VCU vs Richmond (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Round three:

  1. Saint Louis over St. Bonaventure
  2. Saint Joseph’s over Dayton
  3. VCU over Richmond
  4. George Washington over UMass

Saint Joseph’s is No. 4 and Dayton is No. 5. Saint Joseph’s beat Dayton both home and away during the regular season. They won by 3 away and by a whopping 26 at home. Dayton is coming off some big wins against Saint Louis, Massachusetts and Richmond. This may give them some extra fire, but overall Saint Joseph’s appears to have a better team.

Round four:

  1. Saint Louis over Saint Joseph’s
  2. VCU over George Washington

Predicting that Saint Louis and VCU battle out the A-10 championship, VCU should be able to end on top. VCU just barley lost in the final moments in their game at Saint Louis. Unfortunately it was a game that came down to foul shots once again and Dwayne Evans sunk his to win the game for the Billikens. VCU beat SLU at home 67-56 in the end of the season.

Jequan Lewis battling against Duquesne (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Jequan Lewis battling against Duquesne (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

With these predictions VCU should go into March Madness with the A-10 No. 1 seed. Saint Louis will probably be invited as well due to their consistent national rankings. If VCU loses, fans can probably be confident that they will still be invited to the tournament, but only time will tell.

The A-10 Championship is March 12-16 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. VCU plays March 14th at 6:30pm. The game will be broadcast on NBC Sports Network.

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  1. Melissa Stephenson says

    Thanks! I wrote this before any brackets were filled out based on the way they listed the teams on the A-10 website after the last games. I updated the info though so enjoy the new predictions!

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