New Orleans Saints: continous cuts to clear salary cap room

This offseason has been one of the most surprising for Who Dats everywhere. Everyday New Orleans Saints fans are kept on their toes not knowing who will be on the roster by the time week one rolls around. The Saints organization has been hard at work trying to accomplish their main goal, securing Jimmy Graham.

After losing long-time fan favorites Will Smith, Roman Harper and Jabari Greer, no one saw the next two cuts coming. On Thursday, there were talks about the Saints shopping Lance Moore and Darren Sproles to other teams. Saints fans awoke Friday morning to a tweet from Lance Moore thanking them for a great nine years. It wasn’t until several hours later that official news of his cut surfaced.

There was also talk of Darren Sproles being traded. In this article, I plan to only focus on some of the Saints cuts, since there are so many.

Are there more cuts to come? How much room is left to clear in the salary cap? Even though many argue that these players were cut because of their high salary, is Jimmy Graham worth all of them combined?

These guys will always have a place in Saints fans’ hearts due to their roles in Super Bowl XLIV. Fans will miss Lance Moore’s famous touchdown dances, but they weren’t treated to that very much last season. The Saints’ main reason for cutting Lance was to save about $2.5 million.

The Saints do not have a stand out wide receiver other than Marques Colston.  The next best is Robert Meachem, who had just as many touchdowns as Lance in the 2013 season. Even though we did not see as much from Moore as we wished we would have, I still think he is young and talented enough to get back to where he was in the 2012 season. Now, it will have to be with a new team.

Will Smith was a household name that every Saints fan knew. The defensive end’s time was coming to an end being that he was one of the oldest members of the team. He missed last season entirely because of an injury and there was no certainty he would come back ready to play this season.

Linebacker Jonathan Vilma was a Pro Bowler in 2009 and 2010, but that was four years ago. He only played one game this year so his contributions versus what he was paid was lacking.

It seemed as though after the 2012 bounty scandal that Vilma and Smith never could make a new name for themselves with the Saints. The good news is Will Smith said in an interview about the cut, that he and his wife would “continue our commitment to improving lives for New Orleans’ youth no matter where my next stop in professional football takes me.”

Roman Harper at least got to be Kenny Vaccaro’s big brother for a while, but it is time for Kenny to spread his wings and fly on his own. Vaccaro should fit in perfectly after being mentored by Harper. He even has a little spot of grey hair similar to Harper. This is a perfect example of how the Saints are filtering out the old and bringing in the new. Before his injury, Vaccaro had already shown why he deserves a spot on the roster.

Jimmy Graham voiced his opinion on the cuts in a tweet right after Lance Moore’s release: “Wow unbelievable. Shocked and disappointed on everything that’s gone on this offseason.” I can understand Graham’s frustration about all of his friends being cut, but this is all being done to make room for him and this is the business-side of football. Jimmy_Graham

Have the New Orleans Saints organization been making the right decisions?  They certainly aren’t wasting any time. One thing this offseason has not been is boring.

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Whether or not you agree with all of these moves, they have happened. All Saints fans can do is hope the organization can acquire the right talent to be more successful than in the past in its quest to get back to the Super Bowl.

  • Wayne Adams

    Kenny Stills will be the next great wide out for the Saints. He is young and fast with good hands.

  • dsaints

    You failed to mention Kenny Stills. He had an enormous rookie season, and was certainly our most reliable wide receiver outside of Colston last season. Lance will actually be 31 next season. The Saint’s likely have a younger and more promising replacement in Andy Tanner who, like Moore, has spent the past several years developing within the system on the practice squad. Most of these moves were being made not just to make room for Jimmy Graham, but to improve the team through free agency which we’ve already seen with the recent signing of an all pro safety in Jairus Byrd.

    • Charlotte McLoughlin

      There were so many topics, players and positions to focus on. I should have organized it a little better. Kenny Stills is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Very good points you bring up here – thanks for the comment!

  • Eric

    Shocked and disappointed at Jimmy’s tweet. Most maybe Shocked and disappointed, but how about tweet how much of an honor it was playing with those guys?

    • Whodat demon

      I think that was the jist of him tweeting his shock in the first place… He wouldnt be dissappointed if that sentiment wasnt implied

      • Charlotte McLoughlin

        I think that Jimmy is such a passionate player who shows a lot of emotion on and off the field. His tweet definitely showed his true colors and feelings. I think this is a good quality to have as a player and what makes him so special!