North Carolina Football: Peppers falls to the salary cap

The defensive end fought mother nature well, but could not beat the cap

The defensive end fought mother nature well, but could not beat the cap

They say that professional sports players can beat anything or anyone if they really want to, with the exception of mother nature! No one can get past getting old, no matter how good they are. It seems that a second kryptonite must be placed upon these players that are sometimes over paid, sometimes worshiped for no reason other than they can play really well the game we love, and either remembered forever or forgotten in an instant. It’s the salary cap, and former North Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers is victim to it.

When Peppers arrived to the Windy city from Charlotte he was heralded as the player that was going to help the Bears’ defense turn itself back into what it used to be. In all the DE had 38 sacks and six interceptions as well as forcing nine fumbles and recovering seven more. But all of that came at a price that was quite high … $42 million guaranteed. And so while his entrance might have been grandiose in some ways, the way he was shown the door was nothing more than a “good bye and thank you”.

Peppers was brought to the Chicago franchise to do a job, in some ways he did, in others he might not have accomplished all, but at the end of the line, with more than $18 million next year against the salary cap, and due close to $ 14 millions in compensation in 2014, the franchise thought that his services were not worth the cash and cap hit. That job will now be given to Lamarr Houston (ex Raiders), who the Bears brought in before getting rid of the former Heel. The clock is now on him to get the job done, that is the way of pro sports.

Julius Peppers never missed a game, showing the he did fight mother nature well in his years with the Bears, but the DE cost a ton, showing that he could not beat the NFL cap. On the other hand, with the defensive end being 34, this too might have been mother nature’s way of saying the end has come. However, thanks to the Bears cutting him, it came one year early.

Some ask me why I like college sports more than the professional game. This is one of the reasons, because in the end, while players are loved, some more than others, they come and go way too much for me. For more coverage about Julius Peppers and other former Heels come back often to ISPORTSWEB.