WWE: Daniel Bryan is your next WWE World Heavyweight Champion

YES! You heard me correctly. There’s no way Daniel Bryan leaves WrestleMania 30 without the championship gold around his waist.

After Monday Night’s RAW, Bryan continued to push the envelope with the  “Yes Movement,” having countless individuals stand in the ring in support of him. The shenanigans finally got under Triple H’s skin. Triple H agreed to face Bryan at WrestleMania.WWE

However, a match with the leader of The Authority wasn’t enough for Bryan. Bryan made the stipulation that if he beat Triple H at WrestleMania then he’s added to the main event that night.

The main event at WrestleMania has Randy Orton defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against 2014 Royal Rumble winner Batista.

The championship match at WrestleMania has no potential to be main event worthy. That is until Bryan defeats Triple H and makes this title bout a triple threat match.

As it stands, Orton versus Batista is a heel against heel. WrestleMania has always had a finish in which the crowd goes home happy, ultimately having a the baby face win the main event to close the show. With a heel on heel match closing the show, that’s not possible. Bryan beating Triple H and being added to the main event now has the heel versus heel problem solved.

WWE has their baby face in the main event and has their “happily ever after” WrestleMania ending.

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This is what WWE fans want, they’ve been behind Bryan for several months now and they’ll finally see him hoist the belt following WrestleMania 30.

WWE played this perfectly. Screwing Bryan out of the title Pay-Per-View after Pay-Per-View laid the foundation for a triumphant victory at the grandest stage of them all.

Bryan’s one of, if not the biggest thing WWE’s got going since CM Punk abandoned ship. WWE doesn’t have anyone as over as Bryan (other than Undertaker) to close out WrestleMania. WWE wants the title match in the focus, Undertake will get his glory but it’s Bryan who’ll shine the brightest.

After months of struggling, Bryan’s luck changes and the boring title match of Mania’ now has its flare. Bryan walks out of WrestleMania your WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

  • helene

    yes yes yes daniel bryan will win if he comes back but however hewill

  • David Digi

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL what a mark!!! There’s probably a 10% chance Daniel bryan wins

  • Turin

    Since when has Mania always ended with the fans being sent home happy with a babyface win? WrestleMania 2000 had a heel Triple H win, and last year half the crowd booed Cena out of the building when he won. Don’t be surprised if Bootista still wins.

  • Mark

    Im still not sold on this just yet, but we’ll see. Cant wait.

    • JUSTIN

      Since when has WWE cared what the fans want? LOL