Argentina’s Romero proves himself against Rumania


Sergio Romero

The highly doubted goalkeeper from Argentina has surpassed everyone’s expectations last week against Romania. The final score went on to be a scoreless draw,Sergio Romero was the only player who showed to be in form, with quick reflexes, and 100 percent intact.


Romero has been questioned due to his poor performances in the national team, his lack of playing time in his club team, Monaco, worsen his form and it shows. The 27 year-old keeper had arrived to Monaco early in 2013 and has played no games for League 1 yet, Danijel Subasic has been the starting keeper for two years now and he has done it quite greatly. The chances for Sergio Romero to achieve his greatest form are diminishing, he is expected to move to another club in the next transfer window but it would already be too late since the world cup would be on its way.


Alejandro Sabella

Alejandro Sabella, head coach for Argentina, was able to create a united group and has backed up Romero as his starting keeper since the beginning of his term in 2011. “90 percent of the list is ready,” said Sabella referring to the players that will eventually form part of the national squad in the world cup. He also confirmed his preference for Romero”I have counted with him from the beginning and I think he is a great keeper who unluckily doesn’t get enough playing time in his club”.

The key to being a great goalkeeper is not who had the most saves, or who had the best saves, the best keepers have the most needed saves. Great keepers are the ones that save the game deciding shots at the most needed moments, that’s when the best keepers are present. Sergio Romero has made many mistakes and even had some bloopers during his career, but so has every keeper in history of the sport. In the last game, Romania had one crucial play, one deciding opportunity that could have change the fate of the game, and Romero saved it. The play came off a counter-attack cross and the keeper responded with pure reflexes, fast and effective.


How long can Romero hold his form?
Will he improve his form if he finds a club that will give him play time?

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