Jabari Parker opens door to returning to the Duke Basketball team

It has been a question on the minds of every Duke Blue Devil fan–will Jabari Parker come back to Duke next season?  He has left that open as a possibility since he was in high school, but like most top prospects, everyone thought he was going to be a one and done.  He would be a top pick in this year’s NBA draft, but he has always said he wouldn’t mind coming back.  He has always left the door open to coming back to the Duke Basketball team, and he continued that recently saying that if he feels like he can improve or the team doesn’t have a great finish he will likely come back.

Jabari Parker coming back to the Blue Devils would make them the number one team going in to next season.  They will have great freshmen coming in with enough experienced players to be a legitimate threat to win a National Championship.


The four freshmen coming in are Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Grayson Allen, and Justise Winslow.  This is a great recruiting class with two players able to start at the beginning of the season in Okafor and Jones.  All four of them could make contributions next season; Allen with his range and athleticism, and Winslow with his defensive ability and length.  Okafor will bring much-needed size to the team next season, and Jones could bring a very unselfish point guard.

The experience could be Parker coming back next season.  This is looking like a possibility with him talking about ways he could come back.  This could get a player like Rodney Hood to stay for an extra season to see what this team can do.  If Parker does stay this could be the start of something very special in Durham next season.

The Blue Devils are going to lose at least four players from this season’s team, but if they can get everyone else to stay, could be a very experienced and youthful team.  It will have the freshman and sophomores that will contribute, but also have the experienced upperclassmen like Hood and Quinn Cook, that can contribute and step up in pressure moments.  This team would have great depth to it, and will have a number of players contribute in games.

If the Blue Devils can keep Parker and Hood next season could be very special for the Blue Devils.  This team would be the number one team starting next season, and if they stay healthy should be the favorite to win the National Championship.  It could be one of the best seasons in Durham, and could be one of the best college teams to ever play if Parker and Hood stay.  It will be an exciting season if one of both goes, but could be one of the best seasons if they stay for Blue Devil fans.