Alabama football player spotlight: Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry

Although Derrick Henry played in several games during the 2013 season, he wasn’t the starting running back and saw limited playing time, only giving us a small glimpse of his bright future. With breakout performances in games such as Arkansas, Chattanooga, and the Sugar Bowl, he showed that he is capable of doing damage to the opposing defense.

Derrick Henry’s style of running is a lot like Mark Ingram’s, Alabama’s 2009 Heisman winner. Here are three reasons why Henry could easily become the Tide’s starting running back on 2014:

Speed- Henry is able to have quick bursts through the defense, and he has the mobility and skill to quickly out run his opponents. In the game against Oklahoma in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, Derrick had a 43-yard run in the middle of the 3rd quarter to help the Tide try and gain momentum in the game. That run showed just how strong he is, and just how well he is able to outrun opponents.

Field Vision- Henry has great field vision; he can see pockets that many players seem to lack the ability to see. Many times last season, Derrick was put in the game to help the Tide gain yardage. He was able to break through the holes and help the Tide continue on their trek to the end zone. Against Arkansas, he had 111 yards on 6 attempts, helping the Tide beat the Razorbacks 52-0.

Agility and power- Henry has quick movements that help him break free from tackles. He has the “train-like movements” in which he is able to run over the defense. When he sees a hole, he takes it, taking the defensive players down with him. Henry will be a key factor in the Tide’s offense since the Tide lost many of their offensive players to the NFL.

Overall, Henry could easily be the special ingredient the Tide will need in 2014. Who knows, maybe Henry will not only be the starter in 2014, but the Tide’s next Heisman winner. With Saban, anything is possible, including another national title.

  • djbillyd

    Hannah, I love reading you work, but this one, I believe, is far too objective. Derrick IS a heck of a running back. And he will, barring injury, probably rewrite the record books at Alabama. Will he? Personally, I think not.
    Do you remember a young man from Texas named Marcus Dupree? He is the pattern that Henry was mad after. Big, fast, strong. Oklahoma was the envy of the, then, Big 8 when that kid debuted. They had a stallion, and they rode him. They rode him hard. Why? It wasn’t because they “needed” him. It was because they loved seeing him play. We, too, love seeing Derrick Henry play.
    But now, I’m gonna ask you to read the rest for yourself. Maybe you’ll get what I’m saying, and maybe you won’t. But you’re a bright girl. I think you’ll see it.
    P.S. ESPN did a “30-30” documentary on Dupree called “The Best That Never Was”. You should see that too…