LeBron James’ scoring slump is hurting the Miami Heat

miami-heatWith the Miami Heat losing four of its past five games, I’m beginning to feel like the Heat don’t have what it takes to reach the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive year.

The Heat lost to the Brooklyn Nets 96-95 on Wednesday night. The Heat were up as much as 12, but with Paul Pierce leading the pack in the second half, the Nets were able to come back. The Heat also failed to shoot better than 50 percent from the field for the fifth straight game. Now the Nets are 3-0 against the Heat this season and may give the Heat some problems if the two teams meet in the playoffs. The Heat are 3-4 in March and this is by far the worst they have looked since the Big Three era begin in the 2010-11 season.

LeBron James had another disappointing game against the Nets in my eyes. Yes, he was able to get to the free throw line nine times Wednesday night after not attempting a free throw in his previous two games, but James looks tired on the court. I don’t see the same energy from James that he had during the month of February where he was scoring at a high rate. James didn’t even attempt a shot from the field against the Nets in the fourth quarter and that’s unacceptable for a player of James’ caliber. I’m predicting that when the playoffs start, we’ll see a different James because the Heat need him to score if they plan on winning their third consecutive NBA title.

With the loss, the Heat fell two games behind the Indiana Pacers in the East. Meanwhile, the Pacers’ new addition, Andrew Bynum, looked pretty good against the Boston Celtics. He only played 16 minutes, but Bynum played hard all 16 minutes, finishing with 8 points and 10 rebounds. If Bynum can give the Pacers a viable scoring option coming off the bench and the Pacers can hold on to the number one seed in the East, the Heat may be in some trouble.

Bynum gives the Pacers more size, which will hurt Miami even more if the two teams meet in the Eastern Conference Finals. The addition of Greg Oden by the Heat to give them more size against the Pacers… I don’t see working out. Oden can come in and grab a couple of rebounds but nothing more. Oden will be in the game to use fouls and won’t even be on the court when the game matters most.

Right now the Heat have some things to fix before the playoffs. If the Heat want to get back to their winning ways, they have to go back to the drawing board and find ways to get the Big Three the ball where they can be a threat to the opposing defense.