Boston Celtics important last month

boston celtics

While there might not seem to be much to play (or not play) for in the last month of the season for the Boston Celtics, as I write this they are tied with two other teams for the third worst record in the league. As it stand right now, odds are likely that they will have one of the top 6 or 7 picks in what is supposed to be a loaded draft. If they can fall in the standings the rest of the season, they have a better opportunity to obtain a higher draft position.

The NBA is probably the hardest major sport in which to rebuild, as it generally takes many years, a superstar, luck, or all of the above. The Celtics are doing all they can right now to be in position to load up on draft picks, gain financial flexibility, and possibly entice another team to trade their all-star level players for our only real player of trade value, Rajon Rondo. As said before, it takes a hell of a lot of luck to truly turn around a franchise once its full on rebuild mode, which is what is clearly happening in Boston. Even the last great era for the Celtics may have hinged on the fact that Celtic legend, Kevin McHale headed the Minnesota Timberwolves, and maybe wanted to help his buddy Danny Ainge and the Celtics reach championship glory once again.

Right now, the Celtics have a lot of needs on the court, that is quite clear. Luckily their foundation seems to be set for the long term, with steady ownership, one of the more respected general manager’s in the game, and one of the up and coming head coaches. That gives the Celtics a fighting chance going forward, now they just need to find the pieces to take them to their next championship.

As for on the court, their isn’t much the Celtics don’t need. As stated before on this site, the Celtics have one of the least talented teams in the league, and one or two realistic moves aren’t going to dramatically change anything. Rajon Rondo has been looking like his old self recently, and when healthy, is easily one of the top five point guards in the league, but it still says here, that he will be trade bait this off season, to acquire a couple good players and/or stock pile draft picks. He is the only player at his position on this team you can clearly state is better than league average. Jared Sullinger is a decent player, but is an under-sized power forward, that will almost always have trouble against the bigger teams in the league, and is at best a slightly above average player. Jeff Green, while he does have stretches of good play, is not someone to be counted on, on a nightly basis, and the sooner Danny Ainge can get out under that contract the better.

Whatever happens the rest of the way, it will surely be an interesting summer for the Celtics. The front office and head coach  have t0 be salivating at the fact they have the potential to have a top 5 pick, and a real shot to start to turn around the franchise.