Mexico Soccer: Walking alone; Javier Hernandez slowly fades out of the picture


It was inevitable that the day would come when Javier Hernandez’s services were no longer needed at Manchester United, but few imagined that day would come so soon.

With the Liverpool clash just a day away Hernandez stands alone, devoted to a club who is but seconds away from turning its back on him.

For months now Manchester United has been giving Hernandez the run around.

The club has yet to come out and publicly state it but all roads seem to point to Hernandez’s exit from the club this summer. The timing of the possible move isnt surprising either with the World Cup just months away.

The World Cup is always a catapult for high investments in players that perform well in the big tournament. Perhaps United was conscious of that and waited this long to release him to get the best possible offer. True, financially it was the smart decision to make but morally its a shot to the little pea’s ego who believed the clubs claims that he was still a valued asset.

Hernandez no longer shares that mutual understanding with the club. Since the unexpected departure of Sir Alex Ferguson things have gone from bad to worse for the little pea. Hernandez has fallen out of favor and is clearly outside of David Moyes’s plans for the future.

Still there is no time for Hernandez to drown in self pity.

The Liverpool clash is a great opportunity for Hernandez to return from injury. After having missed out on last weeks fixture against West Bromwich Albion.

Its possible that Hernandez could be fit enough to feauture in the Liverpool game Sunday. But of course that remains a long shot.

Still if Hernandez were to return to action it would be the perfect game to revitalize his spirit. Sure his exit seems inevitable and his frustration apparent. But for the time being Hernandez has to make the most out of his situation.  Even if it is only for the remainer of this season Hernandez still needs to take advantage of the minutes he gets.

  • duile

    So true. But everytime he’s on the pitch, he gives 100% or more.