North Carolina Football: Nicks to the Colts

The former Tar Heels is head to the Colts

The former Tar Heels is head to the Colts

Yesterday the future of a former North Carolina football player now in the pro’s, wide out Hakeem Nicks, was settled. At least for the upcoming season anyway, as the ex N.Y. Giants signed a deal that will have him play with the Indianapolis Colts in 2014. While I can guarantee that the Nicks’ camp did not talk to me about the wide out’s future, I think this move was a lot better for Nicks than going to the Carolina Panthers.

In Indy Nicks will be flanked by long time veteran Reggie Wayne, while in Carolina the former Heel would have been replacing another veteran, as well as a team favorite, Steve Smith. With the Colts, if Wayne comes back to full form, the 26 year old will be the second option, and if he can focus on being the best he can be this season could be “on the job” interview to get a long term contract, be it with the Colts or another NFL franchise.

From a blog post on ESPNNY it states that Nicks will be paid $ 3.5 millions base pay, with a chance to earn extra through incentives. The one question is this… will things change in Indianapolis? Last season Hakeem Nicks had the chance to show off his talents for the 32 professional teams. But somehow, even with his quarterback not having a stellar season, number 88 did not perform anywhere close to what people expected of him. A year later, in a different city, will this change for Nicks?

In the end, time will tell. Fortunately (or maybe not) for the former Heel the time will be a year long and then we shall see if Nicks can get a long term deal or not. My thoughts is that with the change of scenery, the wanting to show that he is still as good as he claims and as good as a couple years ago, as well as being in a more pass oriented offense should have Hakeem Nicks with better numbers than last year, which were 896 receiving yards and no TDs, and with the possibility of getting a lengthy contract and one day replace Reggie Wayne as the top target.