WWE: Cena vs. Wyatt match is a top draw at Wrestlemania

Wyatt familyWrestlemania 30 is full of potentially classic matches: Brock vs. Undertaker, Bryan vs. HHH, Orton vs. Batista (and probably Bryan), but there’s one match that could really steal the show.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

It has been a decade since we saw John Cena hoist the Big Show on his shoulder and hit an F-U (or an Attitude Adjustment John Cenanowadays) to capture his first gold: the US Title. Now it seems he has turned a page in his career, and that could spell big things for the future of this company.

This match has such great potential not only because of the match itself, but also because this match marks the first time Cena (and the WWE) are truly putting the future over

Don’t believe me? Take a look at every Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 20. Cena has been in a title match in nine out of the 10. The only one that wasn’t a title match was the “Once in a Lifetime” match against The Rock at Wrestlemania 28. So the only time John Cena wasn’t competing for one of the biggest prizes in the company, he was facing the biggest star of the generation before him.

Bray Wyatt, since debuting in the WWE in July, has quickly become a top heel in the company. If you surveyed every WWE fan, I believe that many would want to see Wyatt over any other heel in the business. His mic work has been stellar. Every time he speaks he has the audience wondering what he will say next, and if it can get any creepier.

This match is clearly set to put over Wyatt, which is something the Leader of the Cenation has rarely ever done. This is not a knock at Cena; however it is why a lot of people can’t stand Cena.

People hate Cena because he represents everything they can’t stand. Most hardcore WWE fans don’t like the “PG Era” in WWE, and John Cena is what symbolizes that. Originally a white rapper gimmick, Cena is now pretty much aimed towards kids. He is in every main event, even if there is a better match on the card.

Most wrestling fans over the age of 13 hate who John Cena is, and that’s why there is a chorus of boos every time his music hits.

This time is different though. He is giving Bray Wyatt a match against him at one of the biggest (some would even argue the biggest)Bray_Wyatt
shows this company has ever had. What an opportunity for Wyatt. He has the chance (and probably will) to beat WWE’s biggest star on their biggest show.

People rip on Cena a lot, but I can’t imagine he was forced into this one. Since he is the biggest star in the company, he has a lot of pull. It seems to me like Cena notices that he can’t wrestle forever, and there needs to be a future. He notices Daniel Bryan is the next top face, and every top face needs a top heel. Cena is facing Wyatt for a reason; he knows that Bray Wyatt is the future.

This feud is based off Wyatt hating Cena because he is on top and everyone loves him. Cena is the figure that the Eater or Worlds absolutely can’t stand, and that is what makes this feud great. John Cena is the hero, and Bray Wyatt hates heroes.

The build to this feud already has been exciting, and Cena has still to be cut a serious promo with Wyatt in the ring. There are still three episodes of Monday Night RAW to really build this up and hopefully three more promos from Bray Wyatt.

Cena gets the kids, families, and recreational fans interested, and Wyatt gets the hardcore fans interested. Everyone will be looking forward to this match, and it means everyone will be watching the future begin to take over at Wrestlemania 30.