Charlotte Bobcats: Turning up the heat

For the past two seasons the Charlotte Bobcats have been the epitome of a bad team. But right now, sitting at 33 wins and one win under .500 the Bobcats have already eclipsed their previous two seasons worth of wins combined. The Bobcats are currently riding a four game win streak including six of their last seven toput them at the seventh seed in the East. Two of these wins have come against other Eastern Conference playoff teams in the Pacers and the Wizards.

While none of these wins have necessarily been statement wins (the Pacers have been slumping and Paul George was not himself) altogether they say something as a whole. One of the biggest drawbacks for the Bobcats this season has been their offensive performance, especially from deep where the Bobcats have been one of the worst three point shooting teams in the league averaging only 6 threes on 17 attempts. Since the trade deadline acquisition of Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal however, the Bobcats have now bumped the numbers up to 7.3 made threes on nearly 21 attempts—which is right around the league average. The team’s offensive rating has also jumped from 100.2 points to 105.4 in this span which is a mark that on the season would place the Bobcats in the top 10 offenses.

While the offensive success will probably drop back down a bit—especially come the playoffs—it’s still encouraging to see the offense get stronger as the season winds down as opposed to weaker. The Bobcats still maintain one of the top defenses in the league which is of a lot more value in the postseason. But being able to score on the other end certainly makes life easier for the Bobcats rather than having to scrape for every bucket.

These recent wins show a team that’s finally coming into its own and making their opponents earn their wins. Ideally for the Bobcats as the season winds down over the final month they will be able to secure a higher seed in the playoffs so that they won’t have to play either the Pacers or the Heat in the first round. Regardless, this team continues to prove itself night in and night out and will definitely not be a team that gets rolled in the playoffs. Recognition for this team and the franchise has been long coming and it looks like they will finally be getting there.