Chicago White Sox looking to make a trade

The Chicago White Sox were very active during the offseason. There are some that feel that they aren’t done yet. Two outfield spots are already filled after they acquired Adam Eaton from the D-backs and Avisail Garcia from the Tigers in the last eight months. That leaves Alejandro De Aza and Dayan Viciedo for left field.

The White Sox have been shopping both players to have one of them secure the position. They have recently talked to the Seattle Mariners about a trade involving Viciedo. The player that they should be willing to get rid of is Alejandro De Aza.

There are a couple reasons why De Aza should be the piece the Sox should trade. One is that the Sox already have a leadoff man. Adam Eaton was acquired from the Diamondbacks to bring that energy and be that prototypical guy at the top of the order.

Chicago White Sox

Alejandro De Aza

Another reason is that even though De Aza has some power in him for a leadoff man, he is not a guy that you can just put in the middle of the order and expect 30 and 100 this year. Viciedo is more of that middle of the order type of player and has extreme power. With Paul Konerko retiring at the end of the year and Adam Dunn being in the last year of his contract, the only power guy in the lineup left is Jose Abreu, who came from Cuba and is in his first year with the White Sox.

Also, De Aza is under team control through the 2015 season and Viciedo is under team control through the 2017 season. The White Sox have the flexibility of having Viciedo for another four years compared to having De Aza for another two years.

When you are comparing each of their salaries, there is a difference when you are looking at both players. De Aza is making $4.25 million for this upcoming season after going through his second year of arbitration. Viciedo is making only $2.8 million for this season after going through his first year of arbitration.

De Aza is also a couple of years older than Viciedo. De Aza is 29 years old and will turn 30 next month. De Aza is at that age where he might have already reached his potential and also he uses his speed to elevate his game and him aging doesn’t help. Viciedo, however, just turned 25 earlier in the week. Viciedo is around that time period where he should start to produce because his age indicates that he is in the early stages of his prime and he has to take advantage of that.

The White Sox should trade Alejandro De Aza because they are more in a rebuilding mode and Viciedo fits more in that rebuilding stage. You only keep De Aza if you can’t find a good enough package for him. They also have Jordan Danks as their backup outfielder and that is a role that he fits in. De Aza needs to go somewhere where he’ll be able to start everyday and if he is with the White Sox, that won’t happen.

  • The Denman

    Of course the White Sox should trade De Aza rather than Viciendo. Viciendo is younger and has much greater potential. But, obviously, there’s less interest in De Aza. He’s a fourth outfielder, at best, on most other teams. As a left handed bat (in the Sox righty dominanted batting order) and as an adequate left-fielder (available to spell the less than adequate Viciedo), De Aza may be of greater value to the White Sox than he would be to any team trading for him. My guess is that the Sox open the season with both on the 25 man roster and Jordan Danks headed to the minors.

  • funisnumberone

    The Sox should trade De Aza because he costs them game after game with bone-eaded base running, missing cut off men, and throwing to the wrong base. They are half way to the end point in that he is no longer starting, but now he just needs to go. Danks is abetter fielder and smarter player and a better late inning replacement for Viciedo in left field. Center field is safely locked up for the next 6-8 years.

  • Westville Bob

    For the Sox to trade De Aza they need to find a team that wants a guy that can really run, plays hard, can’t field, and needs to learn how to run the bases. Shouldn’t be a problem.