Indianapolis Colts: free agency recap

Whew, what a week for the Indianapolis Colts.

Free agency was certainly entertaining this year, to say the least. There will be plenty of grades and in depth analysis to get into, but for now, we simply give you a recap of this week’s action.

The Colts weren’t quite as active as last season, but there were certainly significant moves made that should effect the 2014 season.

They kicked things off by signing inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson. He should be a major improvement over the oft-absent Pat Angerer.

Jackson is a consistent producer at his position, and he’ll bring some much needed stability to the middle of the Colts defense.

Speaking of the defense, Arthur Jones was the first player signed by the Colts once the new league year officially started. With the defense immensely struggling with stopping the run, last season, Jones will be a much needed upgrade along the line and could help a little in the pass rush department as well.

Jones highlights:

Another major transaction that occurred during the free agency period was the retaining of Vontae Davis.

Davis had a good season with the Colts in 2013, and certainly deserved an extension.

However, the salary he will be earning is a large number, but it had to be done. With the combination of his skill and youth, it was either pay up or lose an important cog of the defense.

On the offensive side of the ball, one of the best moves of the entire off-season was made: the Colts signed Hakeem Nicks to a one-year, incentive laden deal.

Nicks is looking to resurrect his career, and where better to do it than with the great Andrew Luck?

Nicks highlights (contain the drooling):

With the recent moves that were made, the Colts seem to be a viable Super Bowl contender in the AFC circa 2014, let’s just hope that all the pieces mesh well together.