Kansas City Chiefs: Free agency update

Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs will look towards the draft to help rebuild the offensive line.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made everything short of a splash so far in free agency. No real big names have been added to the Chiefs roster so far, but familiar names such as Dexter McCluster and Branden Albert have signed elsewhere this offseason. The moves, or lack thereof, the Chiefs front office has made to this point may be disheartening to Chiefs fans, but this also could mean GM John Dorsey and Head Coach Andy Reid are happy with the direction the team is headed.

Key losses

The biggest losses for the Chiefs in free agency so far came within the first day and all of them were along the offensive line. Branden Albert is the biggest name the Chiefs lost on the o-line, but with him went Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz. To many, Asamoah and Schwartz aren’t that big of a deal to lose but with them the Chiefs lose depth. Depth is one of the biggest factors in staining competitive in the NFL. No one is guaranteed an injury-free football season, and when you have guys that can come in to give your starters a breather, especially when they are getting beat up play after play in the trenches, depth is an invaluable tool.

Former Chiefs playmaker Dexter McCluster signed a deal with the Tennessee Titans. I’m sure Chiefs fans would have love to keep him around, but I am not so sure losing him to the Titans is as big a deal as one might think. I personally liked McCluster, but when you take the emotion out of it, you’ll realize that he was an exciting punt return, that had gat potential as a slot receiver but never lived up to that potential in Kansas City.

McCluster has always been a spark plug for the Chiefs offense but always in spurts. He has never been consistent but has always been injury ridden. With a deep wide receiver class in this year’s draft, the Chiefs should have no problem finding a guy to help fill the gap McCluster left.

A steady foundation

The Chiefs may have wanted to look at signing a wide receiver like Emmanuel Sanders, who recently signed with the Denver Broncos, or another guy who has a strong ability to make plays. With that being said, John Dorsey may be content with the core of the Chiefs squad as it is right now, that he is comfortable to fill in holes on the roster through the draft.

I personally prefer to draft guys than I do to try and make a huge mark in free agency. Many players in the league work well on some teams with their supporting casts, but not many players are perfect fits for more than one team. When you draft guys, instead of try to build through free agency, you have the ability to get the players to work in your system and without the knowledge of how other teams do it.

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