Dallas Cowboys: Why Weeden?

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Brandon Weeden with the Browns

Henry Melton was a huge signing for the Dallas Cowboys, but he’s not the only player to don the silver and blue this week.

That’s right. Let the jokes begin. The inept, ineffective Brandon Weeden has joined the Dallas quarterbacking corps. Maybe he can chip in a few interceptions this year.

Why did the Cowboys sign this guy? They have not only a statistically elite starter, but also quite possibly the league’s best backup.

I’ll tell you why. It’s called $75,000.

That was Weeden’s cap hit. For next to nothing, the Cowboys have locked up the NFL’s best third-string quarterback. Finally, Weeden is playing at a level where he can excel.

All kidding aside, Weeden never had much of a chance in Cleveland. The line play in front of him was atrocious. His weapons were limited. He didn’t help himself out most of the time, but a look at the film says the fault belongs to the entire offense and not entirely to him.

So there’s no reason to sit here and lob insults at a man who, most likely, will never see meaningful playing time in Dallas. Weeden’s best-case scenario at this point is to play out his two-year veteran-minimum contract, perform well in the preseason and land a gig somewhere that will let him compete to start.

For the Cowboys, Weeden means a few things. He will allow Tony Romo to take it easy during OTAs and mini-camp so he can be fully healthy when training camp rolls around. He will provide some insurance for the possibility of a Kyle Orton retirement, an increasingly unlikely but still-possible occurrence. After all, retirement rumors don’t pop up from nowhere.

Perhaps most importantly, signing Weeded precludes the need for Dallas to draft a quarterback. I would be shocked to see them do so with three good ones on the roster now. Instead, the team can focus its energy almost exclusively on the defense, drafting potential starters and then some depth.

There was a sense of frustration among the Dallas fan base when the signing was announced, one day before Henry Melton’s deal was done. Most of this was probably a reaction to the perceived lack of moves at Valley Ranch rather than a true criticism of a deal that can only be characterized as solid and largely unimportant.

Now that the team has nabbed Melton, criticism seems to have subsided. Finally the team has added the starting-caliber 3-technique it needed.

Weeden should be grateful to have the attention removed. He knows as well as anyone that his role in Dallas will be to stay below the radar and learn from league veterans Romo and Orton.

It will be hard, but when Weeden takes the field for some preseason action, let’s try to avoid the wisecracks and snide remarks. He was a practically free solution to a temporary problem, and that’s all he’ll ever be.

Hey, it could be worse. It could have been Tim Tebow.

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  • Graham is a Dud!

    “Hey, it could be worse. It could have been Tim Tebow.”
    You do realize in his short career he managed to win as many play off games as Romo.
    Making excuses for Weeden doesn’t change the fact that he is a proven loser.
    I’d take Tebow over Weeden any day of the week.
    Think before you type next time.

  • DaJonez

    Good signing for D. Acquiring a player for nearly free is never a bad thing. Provides a little insurance and flexibility in the draft. Besides, “best talent available” in this years draft is definitely NOT at QB.

  • Simoni M.

    Draft a QB. He might be a good player. We KNOW Weeden can’t play in the NFL. A rookie might be able to..

  • Simoni M.

    Tebow would have been worlds better than this joke of a player. After all, Tebow led his team to the playoffs and even a win over the Steelers. Dudley– you are a dud of a writer!

  • GAS2089

    Tebow or McCoy would have been a lot better than Weeden!!!!!!!

  • Austin

    No No No. Im sorry, if you are gonna sign somebody to be your third string QB and he has only been in the league for 2 years, odds are you would like some one that you can develop over time and hope that one day they may be able to step up into the lead roll. Weeden is almost as old as Romo, you need a guy who has TIME to sit and develop not a guy who may be 35 by the time he is ready. I say they need to draft a QB in the fourth round after picking up DT, DE, and S. This draft has plenty of really good QBs in it, probably one of the best I have seen in years. My choice, and this would be the seal of the draft in my eyes is picking up Aaron Murray in the fourth because I feel that even if he has a greta Pro day he will still fall because of his injury and his stature. I truly believe that he will be on eof the best QBs to come out this year and will have a career simular to Drew Brees. Drop Weeden and draft Murray.

  • Frank Frazier

    another frustrating season ahead with Skeletor running the team.