VCU Basketball: A Ram fan’s backup NCAA bracket

With all trust in Havoc aside, putting together a Ram fan’s backup NCAA bracket was exciting as well. March Madness, as always, has some great teams and players this year. After careful consideration, with VCU losing in the Elite Eight, it’s looking like Kansas and Michigan are two strong contenders to battle it out in the championship.

VCU’s first round game against SF Austin will be a tough match for sure. Media all over the nation is already predicting that this will be one of the major “upset” games of the tournament with VCU losing. However, VCU has the speed, talent and balance to pull the win.

One recent bit of news that may hurt the Rams is Melvin Johnson’s injury. He is said to be missing this game due to a knee injury. Johnson is one of VCU’s few 3-point shooters, so the scoreboard may hurt a bit with his absence.

Melvin Johnson and Juvonte Reddic celebrate win against Virginia Tech (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Melvin Johnson and Juvonte Reddic celebrate win against Virginia Tech (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

If VCU wins against SFA, they should be able to win against UCLA and Florida. There are many ways in which VCU should be able to pull this off, most of which are listed in the article earlier this week. Reiterating them all would be redundant. In this bracket, VCU can’t quite pull off the win against the strong team the Jayhawks have on the court. With two star freshman and an overall very balanced team, VCU’s strong defense just may not be enough to stop Kansas.

If VCU loses in the Elite Eight to Kansas then the Jayhawks very well may be going up against the rebounding muscle men of Michigan State. On the other side of this Final Four prediction, Arizona and Michigan battle it out. Kansas should be able to beat Michigan State, especially with Freshman Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins averages 17.4 PPG and contributes an average of 6 rebounds per game. Joel Embiid is another talented threat on the Jayhawks but he will be out the first few games due to a back injury and no word has been released yet as to if he will return at all. With this injury Kansas loses a great rebounder and a leading scorer for their team. Michigan State, known for their relentless rebounding and ability to use this to run the pace of the court, will be a challenging competition for Kansas. Overall, Kansas has proven to be a stronger team and has been much more consistent.

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Finally, we make it to the Championship: Michigan should be able to pull off a win against Arizona to make it to the finals. Between the Wolverines and the Jayhawks, both a No. 2 seed, the Jayhawks should be able to outshine and come out on top.

No one will know until the day comes who will be on top. With the A-10 teams playing the way they already have, VCU’s conference very well may be making a presence in the Championship.

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