Jese Rodriguez recovery is satisfactory

Jese's ACL surgery has been successful.

Jese’s ACL surgery has been successful.


Jesse Rodriguez ACL surgery in his right knee, plus the lateral meniscus has been a success. The statement by Dr. Ulrich Boenisch concluded the surgery as: ” satisfactorily.”

The estimated recovery will be around six months. The lateral meniscus was barely retouched so that will not cause problems in the coming seasons. Most of the times, when a meniscus has to be touched it could bring problems.

Although initially the doctor recommends that Jesse should stay at the clinic until Monday in Augsburg, Germany, the player is keen to return to Spain so he may be back tomorrow in Barajas.

The player sent a private message first, to his friends, and sources close to the player have shared this short message with I-sports web on exclusive: ” When I return I will be a better player and a better person.”

Jesse will have six months of hard work, loneliness gym and pool, with no hope of a game until after the summer.

No shortage regarding players who went through the same thing as his last two coaches. Both Ancelotti as Toril suffered the same injury when started and managed to overcome it.

Jesse’s best friend and agent, Gines Carvajal, is at Germany taking care of everything the footballer needs. Sources close to the player can reveal that Jesse hasn’t decided where he’s spending his first few weeks of recovery. He could stay in Madrid, or he might go to his hometown, Las Palmas.

He player would like to go back to his hometown because the weather can help him to recover and to don’t suffer major pain for the cold weather.