MSU basketball: A Spartan fan talks trash to his Harvard friends

MSU fan Gavin Witter took to Facebook this morning to engage in some good old-fashioned trash talk with his Harvard friends regarding the upcoming MSU/Harvard basketball game. Enjoy:

A shout-out to my Harvard peeps (who will never respond to this because they’re too cool to acknowledge (though secretly elated that) the Crimson made it to the round of 32): 

You guys saw what happened to Stanford in the Rose Bowl, right? Ya, Michigan State’s specialty is beating up on smart kids. The smarter they are, the worse we beat them. We’re going to do it again on Saturday. Oh, and it doesn’t help that your coach is a Michigan man–we beat up on those guys too. For a moment now I want you to channel a childhood memory. It’s pretty universal and won’t be very hard. Remember those schoolyard tough guys that always hogged the swing set (you know the good swings with the soft seats) because they were the best and could pump and soar the highest? Remember the kids that were always taking over the jungle gym from all the other kids, because they were more mature and already boasted bulky, longer, and stronger arms? I’m sure you won’t forget dogeball matches when you were always the first out because they threw the first and hardest balls at your big head?Know who I’m talking about? Is this starting to ring a bell? Ya, those tough guys grow up to be Spartans.
If their pitiless cruelty has mellowed somewhat off the court (When Spartans mature they tend to don the doublet and take up blank verse. The civilized man cannot live on fighting alone.), you will find that on the grownup playing ground their primal urge to kick some smart kid ass is as undiminished as ever. So be prepared: it’s 4th grade all over again.

  • Lars Fairchild

    Riveting article. Very insightful.