Pittsburgh Steelers: Good chance James Harrison returns

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a trend- a trend of signing familiar players. There’s a good chance we may see James Harrison in a black and gold jersey once more.

The Steelers parted ways with Harrison last season as both sides couldn’t come to terms with a contract. Harrison moved within the division and spent last season with the Cincinnati Bengals.Pittsburgh Steelers

Harrison started 10 games and recorded 30 tackles, 2 sacks and one interception. Many didn’t see Harrison as a proper fit in the Bengals’ defense and it was apparent he didn’t make a lasting impression while in Cincinnati. The Bengals released Harrison not long ago.

Now reports are flying in that the former Defensive Player of the Year may return to his old stomping ground where he captured two Super Bowl titles.

Most of the time I’m not in favor of the Steelers bringing back old players, like they do so often. However, this one makes sense if Harrison takes the veteran minimum.

Aside from Jason Worilds and Jarvis Jones, the outside linebacker position doesn’t have depth. LaMarr Woodley was let go and now the Steelers will look to fill in some gaps. There’s players like Lawrence Timmons who could full in if needed but to have Harrison would help the situation even further.

Bringing in Harrison, a player immensely familiar with Dick LeBeau’s system would add a veteran to a defense trying to become younger. His leadership could be of some value. Harrison would not be a starter, he would back Worilds and Jones who are seen as the further of the Steelers’ linebacking corps.

On the flip side however, backup linebackers are usually used in special teams, and Harrison can’t play special teams. He’s too old to be a out there. The Steelers currently have Chris Carter, who’s inexperienced, but being a young linebacker gives him the advantage to provide depth while being able to play on special teams.

The Steelers could sign Harrison to a veteran minimum and if he should be a bust this season they wouldn’t lose a boat load of money. Harrison isn’t worth anything but the veteran minimum and it looks like he’s come to realize this. This could potentially be Harrison’s last season in the NFL and finishing it in Pittsburgh would probably be how he’d want to go out.

I don’t think Harrison will field any offers that would steer him away from Pittsburgh but I also think the Steelers shouldn’t make move on him until after the draft. If the Steelers cane draft a player who they think can play just as well as Harrison then there’s no point in bringing back the veteran.

I could definitely see Harrison returning to the steel city but give it some time before pulling the trigger.

  • John Smith

    Why are young children that have never played a down of football in their life writing articles evaluating NFL players? James Harrison would be a MAJOR upgrade over Jarvis Jones or Jason Worlds. He’s certainly not too old nor has he lost a step. To think another team wouldn’t be interested in him is simply pure stupidity. He’s the same age or younger than our Starting Corner. And Jared Allen who is seeking 10 Million a year. Harrison would dominate at is old position and by game 3 he would be the starter if not before then. Worlds had 5-6 good games IN SIX SEASONS. Enuff said

    • mikewormack

      Oh my goodness someone else sees the OLB linebacker the way I do. I thought it was just me not being able to see that Worlids was playing like the second coming of Lawrence Taylor. I think Jones had one more sack than I did last year despite ample chances to shine. But unfortunately the way we have handled the OLB over the last three years or so is leaving a great deal to be desired. If James Harrison is signed he would be the best OLB on the team.

  • HopalongCassidy

    I believe signing Harrison to a one year deal would be great for the team. Everyone wants to say he is washed up but let’s not forget that during his last season in Pittsburgh (2012) he was coming off an injury. His play picked up substantially during the latter part of the season. Also, Harrison is a workout monster and his work ethic could rub-off on other players plus…and this may be the biggest reason to sign him, he brings a hard-nosed mindset that could energize some of the younger players who don’t have that killer instinct. I think his presence alone will be a big motivational factor. He knows the system inside and out. I believe he still has something left in the tank and at the lower price he can be had for, I think his signing is a no-brainer ! I sure hope the Steelers can get it done.

  • Bob Graff

    Ok time for an honesty check. Right now the Steelers are totally unproven at OLB. Saying anything thing else just wouldn’t be the truth. At this point in the off-season the Steelers don’t have a proven pass rusher. There has been points in time were every Steeler LB could be considered a probowler. I feel this is the weakest LB group we have had in a long time.