Mexico Soccer: Still in the race; Marco Fabian eyes World Cup spot


Marco Fabians stellar first season with Cruz Azul have primed him for a shot at Brazil 2014. With less than 3 months left for the World Cup to begin Fabian looked a mere after thought with the national team. Even head coach Miguel Herrera came out and said that Fabians lack of consistency kept him outside of World Cup roster. But it appears Fabian has taken those words to heart and is ready to scrap those notions.

Fabian has had a fantastic season thus far being the primary producer of goals for La Maquina. It was uncertain whether Fabian would have an impact on the team but that doubt was easily undone by Fabians sublime performances on the pitch.

Those tremendous performances could see him earn a call up to face the United States in April. The perfect opportunity for Fabian to regain Herrera’s trust. A good performance against the yanks could get him one step closer to making the World Cup roster.

Fabians dreams of reaching Brazil 2014 seemed a stretch not to long ago. Herrera cannot be stubborn and must accept that at the moment Fabian is one of Mexico’s best. And Herrera’s declarations although somewhat true are overshadowed by the current form Fabian finds himself in.

Fabians gigantic move away from Guadalajara appears to have been the perfect remedy for his struggles. Cruz Azul’s nealry flawless season is partially due to an in form Fabian who has looked refurbished with La Maquina. Fabians time at Guadalajara greatly set him back. Particulaly his desire to become a more consistent player with El Tri. Fabian just wasnt functioning with Chivas but it doesnt appear he was faltering as a player but rather he was unable to excel in his pressure riddled enviornment. The proof is that in his first season away from Chivas he has already scored six goals in 10 games and doesnt appear to be ready to slow down. Not to mention that Cruz Azul is currently top of the league headed straight for Liguilla territory.

Culminating the season with a championship would catapult Fabians confidence to a new level that would set him up for a great showing at Brazil.