Indianapolis Colts: why they won’t sign Alex Mack

I know this is blasphemy, but I really don’t expect GM Ryan Grigson and the Indianapolis Colts to sign Alex Mack, or any other center for that matter.

I predicted that the horseshoe would bring in a veteran stopgap to help with the transition to Khaled Holmes. Instead they brought in Phil Costa, a crappy backup.

Costa and Holmes will battle it out for the starting spot, and ultimately, Holmes should succeed and have his shot at becoming a productive NFL starter.

He saw very limited play last season, and unlike some fans, I don’t see that as a bad omen for Holmes. His biggest concern coming out of college was lack of strength, and it was a pretty big drawback in his game. So, he was obviously going to need some time to train and build up the necessary muscle to play in the league.

On top of that, he had been dealing with an injury, which caused him to miss basically all of the offseason.

As a center, it’s important to get as acclimated to the offense and quarterback as possible, and losing that time is a major setback, especially for a rookie. Holmes now has a year of experience under his belt, he’s been able to dive into his playbook and hit the weight room, as well.

He’s primed for a breakout year and if he fulfills that potential, all the calls for an elite center will go silent. Which is the scenario that Grigson is most likely hoping will occur, come 2014.

It is a smart and frugal strategy that should payoff for the young GM. Sometimes the less popular decision is the right one, and this case is an example of that.

Let’s just hope it pays dividends come game-time. Go Colts!

Here is a draft profile of Holmes: