Jared Allen to Seattle Seahawks still a rumor

It’s been a slow week for the Seattle Seahawks in terms of free agency. No marquee signings have occurred, only rumors circling regarding players like wider receiver Kenny Britt and defensive end Jared Allen. Beyond that, the only other piece of news was Golden Tate’s description of “laughable” regarding the offer extended to him by GM John Schneider.Jared-allen

John Clayton reported on Sportscenter this afternoon that Allen has still not signed with the Seattle Seahawks, despite his bringing his wife to his second meeting with the Seahawks. Clayton said Allen is taking the weekend to think about whatever was discussed behind closed doors.

I’m encouraged by this second visit to Seattle, because it has to mean there’s genuine interest on Allen’s part. I’m skeptical to his coming to the Seahawks, though, because he has said himself that if he doesn’t like the offers on the table, he’ll just retire. So, if he feels he’s being slighted in any way, he’ll just pack it up and head out.

I’m especially uneasy because if Golden Tate, who said he loved Seattle and would take less money to stay, thought his offer was laughable, Allen probably feels the same way about what he’s seen. Seattle just committed a sizable contract to defensive end Michael Bennett, and the Seattle front office has to prepare for contract extensions for Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Russell Wilson. It’s therefore unlikely Seattle can offer Allen his idea of a worthy contract. I’m sure Allen wants something similar to the $10 million a year DeMarcus Ware is now receiving from Denver, but it’s just unlikely Seattle will be able to commit that kind of money to a guy whose position is already covered by Bennett and Cliff Avril.

I’m not saying the acquisition of Allen would be a bad thing; I think he adds tremendous ability as well as depth to the line. The financial side of things just doesn’t seem to work out in Seattle’s favor.

There is, however, the possibility that Allen will realize his best chance to win a Super Bowl is by signing with the Seahawks and will come to an agreement with Schneider. I don’t see that happening, but for a guy who’s had to play for the dismal Vikings, he could see the light and lessen his expectations.

The 12th Man and I can at least dream for such a reality.