Minnesota Vikings: Why Johnny Manziel is a good fit

The whirlwind of possible draft predictions for each team will come to an end in a little over a month. So far, no experts can agree on who will be the number one selection in the upcoming NFL draft.

Many experts began by saying that Johnny Manziel would be the first player selected and now Blake Bortles’ name is being mentioned as the guy who will go number one.

Now, projections say that Manziel could in fact fall into the lap of the Minnesota Vikings with the 8th pick. I for one could not be more excited about the opportunity of adding a young gutsy gunslinger to the Vikings offense.

It really has been quite a headache to keep up with, but that’s the beauty of this year’s draft; it’s loaded with talent.

The Vikings finalized a deal with Matt Cassel a few weeks back and I fully expect him to be the starting quarterback for at least the first four games of the season.

If the Vikings make it a mission to improve the offensive line in the latter part of free agency, drafting Manziel would be a win for a team in desperate need of a franchise quarterback.

Cassel is certainly not a franchise quarterback due to his age, but Manziel certainly could be. Plus, Cassel is a veteran and Manziel could learn a thing or two by sitting out a season to observe Cassel and Norv Turner’s new offense.

If Cassel has a tough year, Manziel could even step in and play without immediate pressure to succeed.

Taking Manziel is a risk for any team because he has a lot of question marks surrounding him. Manziel is a daredevil. He is speedy and is not afraid to lay out his body. This is a no-no in today’s game- just look at what happened to Robert Griffin III the past few seasons. Manziel could get injured early in his career because of his style of play.

Being gutsy can be a good thing. Guys like Fran Tarkenton and Brett Favre took lots of gambles in their NFL career’s and ended up being a few of the games best.

Manziel has the biggest upside of any quarterback in this year’s draft. The Vikings would be fortunate to snag him with the 8th pick.

  • kevin k

    id rather go corner with either the kid form mich state or justin gilbert from okla st then take a qb in the second either McCarron who i like or groppio from eastern ill McCarron throws a nice ball and is a winner and leader

  • Decease

    If most of what they say about Norv Turner is true — and I want to believe it is — then he can/will win with Cassel at QB in 2014. The Vikings desperately need a linebacker (or 2) to shore up a weak middle. They also must draft a high quality cornerback, one who could step in and play on day one. Both positions are light years ahead of QB in terms of need. Let’s see if Speilman can finally get this right for a change.

  • Civitas

    Personally I love the Winner Mentality in Johnny Football. But Everyone knows Spielman won’t risk a 1st Round Draft pick on a Guy with Questionable Off the Field Behavior and Comments. If Manziel is available at 8, Rick will trade back to the highest bidder.

  • Vike for life

    Most of the negatives said about Manziel were said about Tarkenton also. I believe he would be a great asset for the Vikings for a long time.

  • Decease

    Go back outside for recess. There is simply NOT a QB in this year’s draft worthy of a 1st round selection. Vikes WILL go defense on their 1st pick and look at the pile of above average talent in the next 2 rounds. Write it down … in INK. Your “sense” is in fact “senseless”.

  • http://batman-news.com Doug H.

    Funny how people would draft just about anybody but Manziel but have NO proof that any other QB would be any better than Manziel in the NFL and NO proof that his body can’t take the NFL hits. Anybody can get hurt in the NFL it’s not a matter of size.

  • 3kolu

    Can Manziel thrive in the pocket, can he avoid the big hits, is his body NFL ready, does he have the character to be a franchise QB, will his athleticism be nullified in the NFL? That’s the problem with Manziel, to many question marks. Questions about his maturity took a big hit at the Manning camp. I would go BPA or trade down and stay the heck away from Manziel.

  • jamie

    Manziel is not a joke he will be a great QB in the NFL “BUT” I don’t think he lands in Minnesota I think its between Bridgewater and Carr, I would love to see AP lined up behind Manziel but I just see Manziel going to the Jags or the Browns.

    • Civitas

      BWater is another TJack and Carr is a reach like Ponder.

    • Jim

      I’m sorry Jamie,Menzel is a joke pathetic does not belong in the NFL I’m sorry.

  • Paul

    Umm no, “Johnny Football” will be a huge flop in the NFL at any point prior to round 4 of the draft. The guy is too small, too immature, and too much maintenance for pretty much any team out there. I’ve been a lifelong Vikes fan, but if they draft Manziel in round 1 I will give up on this team all together.

  • Roger Troy Wilson

    Johnny Football will dodge pass-rushers in order to Throw down the field…Not to Run down the field…and his receivers will be taught to run secondary routes accordingly. Johnny is the once-in-a-lifetime clone of Fran Tarkenton, whom my wife and I enjoyed more than any other athlete Ever!

  • Jim

    We don’t need him he’s a joke don’t make the same mistake as you did with ponder

    • Justin

      I cannot say I necessarily agree with the idea of drafting him, but there is a substantial difference between Manziel, as a Heisman winner, and perhaps one of the best player in college football, and Ponder. That being said, I probably would choose Bortles, Bridgewater or even draft a later round option before investing too much in him.