76ers sign Casper Ware to a 10-day contract

Adding new players to the Philadelphia 76ers roster appears to be a common theme in the past few weeks.  They recently signed James Nunnally and today they added another new face to their active roster. 

The Sixers have announced that they have signed guard Casper Ware to a 10-day contract.  In order to make a room for Ware on the roster, the team has decided to not re-sign Darius Johnson-Odom.

Johnson-Odom was given a 10-day contract, but failed to impress anyone in the Sixers front office.  In just three games with the Sixers, he found it hard to get playing time and managed to score zero points while only taking seven shots.

Johnson-Odom was brought to the Sixers to be a shooter, but clearly did not meet their expectations.  Now they are going to give Ware 10 days to see if he can bring any value to this Sixers team.

Ware played his college ball at Long Beach State where he had an impressive four years in the Big West Conference.  He had a solid senior season for the 49ers, and earned the player of the year award in the Big West Conference.  

Casper Ware at 2012 Big West Tournament

Casper Ware at 2012 Big West Tournament

Following his senior season in 2012, he entered the NBA draft where he went undrafted.  He has bounced around quite a bit after that and he has spent the past two seasons playing overseas in Italy.

Now that he has left Italy, he is looking for an opportunity to show the NBA whether or not he can find a place in the league.  The Sixers will give him his first NBA opportunity ever, as Ware will make his NBA debut tonight when the team takes on the San Antonio Spurs.

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“It is a big opportunity for me,” said Ware.  “It is a privilege for me to have this chance and to get to learn with them in this league.”

Ware is well aware of the current situation the Sixers are in having lost 24 straight, but he knows they are a young team and are still learning the game.  There will be some pressure on him to perform well if he wants to stay around, but he does not have to play tentative since the team has been expected to lose.

With most guards in the league, the name of their game is scoring the ball.  While Ware is confident in his offensive ability, his main focus is defense.

“I do a lot of scoring and I can play some defense; that is what I do mainly,” said Ware.  “I am going to be a hassle and be a pest on defense, so I can provide that for the team.”

These words have to be encouraging to the Sixers organization, which probably is a main reason why they have signed him to a 10-day contract.  The Sixers have struggled on defense all year long, but have to be happy with a player who brings a defensive mindset.

Despite all the Sixers problems on defense, they are at the top of the league in steals per game as they average 9.2.  Ware could perhaps be a contributor in increasing their overall defensive efficiency.

With a team full of rookies and young players, adding Ware to this list will likely not help them too much in the present.  However, he will be another player that will be evaluated carefully to see whether or not he can be a part of their future.

Ware’s first couple of games will be a challenge as the Sixers have to head to both San Antonio and Houston.  Even though he is getting thrown directly into the fire, Ware will do the best he can to make the most of this opportunity.

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