Don’t expect Nick Saban to show secret weapons at A-Day

UA Football Practice

In Alabama, there’s a day in April that is special to every Alabama fan: Alabama’s A-Day game. It’s the day fans from all over the nation can watch their favorite players play at Bryant-Denny Stadium. It will also be carried live April 19th on ESPNU at 1:00pm (CST).

For the rabid football fans, it showcases the technicalities of the offense and defense, and it helps fans see what the Tide has in store for the fall football season. But this year, don’t expect Nick Saban to show all that much offensively.

Nick Saban hired Lane Kiffin in late 2013, a move that made some Alabama fans cringe, but it sent a buzz of excitement throughout the ranks wondering what 2014 holds. Kiffin has been under the radar since he joined ‘the process’ that is Alabama.  Saban’s plan uses Kiffin to help Alabama’s offense become more dominant and more well-rounded. With Jacob Coker and David Cornwell as two of the potential quarterbacks for the Tide this year, Kiffin can help the Tide become not only one of the best running teams in the nation but also one of the best passing teams.

A-day will showcase players but not plays. I personally think that Saban doesn’t want other schools to see the strategies and weapons that he and Kiffin have been working on since the heartbreaking end of the Crimson Tide’s 2013 season. I think that there will be some plays that will show a different side of the offense, but overall, I don’t think anyone will really get a glimpse of Kiffin’s work until Alabama plays West Virginia on August 30, in Atlanta, GA.

What to look for at A-Day:

  1. Look for quarterbacks to showcase different talents. By A-day, there should be two main QBs who will be competing for the starting position.  My picks are Cornwell and Coker.
  2. Look for defense to showcase their weapons. Landon Collins will be a starting safety, but look to see who will replace the open slots at free safety and cornerbacks.
  3. Look at the kicking team. With new punters and with Adam Griffith as the new go to guy, look to see how much stronger the kicking team will be in 2014.