Los Angeles Lakers worst nightmare

Kobe displays his struggle face for us on the bench.

An injured Lakers guard Kobe Bryant watches from the bench.

The Los Angeles Lakers generally haven’t had many nightmare scenarios in their historic franchises history. They are, however, caught in an interesting bind at the moment, where a drastic drought of winning might be settling in for awhile. While there are numerous ways the Lakers could land on their feet in the upcoming years, it seems more likely, from these eyes at least, that they are in for a downturn in competitiveness for the foreseeable future.

The worst possible event to occur for the Lakers at this point is for them to spend the next two years (coinciding with the contract given to Kobe Bryant), as uncompetitive. They would certainly still be in the news, because Bryant would be kicking and screaming the entire time. In some eyes, there is no way he could sully his reputation among the majority of Lakers fans, but if he is going to be a diva the entire time, complaining about the lack of quality players on the team, there will be many Bryant fans rolling their eyes in disgust. This not only seems to be the worst scenario, it seems to be the most plausible, unfortunately for the Lakers and their fans.

Considering the Lakers have always managed to do quite well in trades, and the free agent market, with the Lakers starting to lose a little bit of that luster, those two trademarks of previous eras might be changing for the worst in regards to L.A.’s fortune. Why would a superstar in his prime want to join the Lakers these next two years, on a cash strapped team? Worst of all, The Lakers have a disgruntled Bryant, who thinks he is owed his last championship, and more than likely won’t cede the spotlight, even though he is way past his prime at this point. As for trades, the Lakers don’t have too many players that other teams would consider trade-worthy at this point.

The Lakers should be in good draft position the next few years, but if they can’t make those picks into valuable players, they are wasted picks. It is crucial to acquire at the very least a rotation player, which could also help in trade talks.

Now that L.A. is for the moment, a Clippers town (how weird is that to say), this is where the Lakers start to lose some luster. They used to be the kings of the NBA, now they are the second best team in their city, when players are choosing where to go, at this point, the Clippers seem like the clearly more attractive option.

With respect to his legendary father, Jerry Buss, it seems ridiculous to think one man could bring down his empire. Their seems to be one man, who could potentially fulfill this task, his son Jim Buss, who by most accounts is a buffoon of sorts. Already not on many Lakers fans good side, the younger Buss, will have tremendously big shoes to fill, and at the moment doesn’t seem quite capable of doing so.

  • dejay Goodman

    WOW! To think the writer received a check for this!!! LMAO

  • John Fleischmann

    You hit the nail on the head with your evaluation of Jimmy-BOY. Buffon is even perhaps too nice! If even a Bostonian gets it why don’t all LAKERS fans get this. The real sickness on the team is Buss’s immature boy!!!

  • waitaminute

    you are assuming a lot…like you can presume to speak for ALL Lakers fans. Not exactly an “in depth” article