New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis is unstoppable

Anthony Davis may be the only 21 year old that has more than 400,000 followers on twitter. In the next few days, Davis will see that number rise.Anthony-Davis-goes-up-and-over-Andrea-Bargnani.-Anthony-Gruppuso-USAY-TODAY-Sports

Twitter doesn’t define a player’s career, but it tells the world how popular that player is. Just because I only have about 300 followers on Twitter, doesn’t mean that I’m less popular than the star power forward from the New Orleans Pelicans. Well, maybe it does.

Any who, the Most Valuable Player discussion in the NBA this year has honestly only been about two players: LeBron James and Kevin Durant. There is another great player from New Orleans who has been receiving no love for his outstanding play.

Davis went off nine days ago against the Boston Celtics, and finished with highs in points (40) and rebounds (21). Davis is playing like the big kid on the block, and no one is attempting to pick on him. He is the fourth youngest NBA player to have a 40 point and 20 rebound game. However, the New Orleans Pelicans aren’t going to make the playoffs, but that isn’t slowing Davis down.

This season Davis is averaging 21.4 PPG, 10.4 RPG and 2.9 BLKPG. In his rookie season he averaged just over 13 points PPG and 1.8 BLKPG. Davis hasn’t improved quite as much as the St. Louis Rams or Auburn Tigers did, but he has improved tremendously since his first season in the league. Even his decision-making and outside shooting are on point this year.

Not only is he shooting almost two percent higher from his rookie year, Davis doesn’t have the mindset of scoring first. At this point of the season Davis has 28 more assists then he had in his first year. He is finding the open man and the Pelicans play through him, which adds onto his touches throughout the game.

This season has been one of Davis best yet, but the catch is that it’s only his second season. A lot of questions surround him and the Pelicans. When his contract is up does he ditch his blue and gold uniform to head off into the sunset?

Someday Davis will ride off in the sunset with the MVP trophy. James and Durant won’t let that happen for quite some time. Is the MVP voting rigged? I think it most definitely is. You never hear SportsCenter talking about who is in third place in the race, but there are other players in the league who having an impressive season.

Davis lets his play do all the talking. In 60 games this season, Davis has only scored less then 10 points in three games, very impressive. However, James and Durant haven’t scored less then 10 points at all this season, so Davis has some work to do. Davis is leading the Pelican team to every single win they capture.

In the last eight games, Davis is averaging 32.3 points. Davis isn’t scoring as much as Durant, and the young star isn’t the vocal leader like King James is. However, his numbers are off the charts for how young he is. I will make a bold prediction and guarantee that next year Davis will be a starter for the Western Conference All-Stars.

People claim that the New Orleans Pelicans will have to become a successful basketball team for Davis to be considered one of the best power forwards in the game. I disagree; one player can’t simply win every game for a team. One player can win a game here and there, but you need a full squad to win basketball games. It’s tough for Davis, because he is on a team that has a losing record. However, he is playing some of the best basketball we have ever seen and to not be in the MVP talks is unfortunate.

If Davis continues to play basketball the way he has been there is no doubt in my mind we will see him hoisting up the MVP trophy in the next few years.