St. Louis Rams soon to be Los Angeles Rams?

The St. Louis Rams have been very quiet this offseason. Although they did inquire about a few big name free agents, they made no real effort to lure them to St. Louis.

Early signs are pointing to the Rams trying to build through the draft, but their biggest offseason move might not even be until next year. And by move I mean geographically.

It is no secret that the St. Louis Rams are not satisfied with the conditions of the Edward Jones Dome, the stadium at which they play. There has been much speculation about the Rams moving back to Los Angeles, and although they are moving in that direction, it is not a done deal. There are many hurdles to overcome, but if they are to get past it all, the Rams fortunes may change.

The NFL is different from the NBA in that big market teams do not always command and bring in the biggest names in free agency, but it certainly does not hurt to play in a big city. The Rams would benefit tremendously if they were able to manage a move to Los Angeles.

For one, the city would offer a brand new, state of the art stadium located in the heart of town. The issue the Rams currently have with their home is that it is not a top-tier stadium. Los Angeles offers Farmers field, which would instantly become one of the top new stadiums in the league. Filling the seats would not be much of an issue either- the city hosts two NBA and MLB teams.

One of the challenges many experts predict is finding a fan base in what they consider a fair weather fan city. To say the city of Los Angeles doesn’t have loyal fans would be a disservice to the people. If you drive around town you will see Laker fans, Dodger fans, and even some left over Raider fans representing their colors proudly.

The city also proves it is a football town each Saturday when the Memorial Coliseum is filled with over 90,000 fans cheering on the closest thing they have to a professional team, the USC Trojans.

Now filling the Coliseum to capacity may not be an easy task for any incoming professional team, but filling in the proposed 72,000-seat Farmers field may be a little easier. For one, the Rams previously resided in Los Angeles and have a few left over followers spread out throughout Southern California. Orange County currently has two official chapters and Los Angeles has one.

If the Rams come in or become a playoff contending team soon after their arrival, winning over the city will not take long. If Los Angeles stands behind one thing it is a winner. Even with the Los Angeles Lakers doing badly this season, they still seem to fill Staples Center most games. When the L.A. Kings went on their Stanley Cup run, they picked up hundreds if not thousands of new fans and kept them around as they have over 100 consecutive sellouts since. Even the L.A. Galaxy, the city’s Major League Soccer team, has a strong following.

The one common thread the three previously mentioned teams have in common that could also be a huge factor in the Rams having success in Los Angeles would be Philip Anschutz. Anschutz is the current owner of the AEG company that is behind the development of Farmers Field. If the Rams were to move to L.A., he would certainly want to purchase a stake in the team. Anschutz has proven he knows how to succeed in the L.A. market. It would be beneficial for St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke to allow AEG to purchase a stake in the team.

Although a move to Los Angeles for the Rams is a no-brainer, getting past all the obstacles NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell has put before any team trying to move to Hollywood is a daunting task. Kroenke has made all the moves in that direction to try and make it happen, but it is also possible he is using it as a bargain chip against St. Louis like all the other previous owners have done to get a new stadium built. We won’t know if this will be the biggest offseason move until next year.


  1. thomas moloian says

    my name is thomas living in orange county ca and i’ve been a rams fan since i was 8, 52 years and that’s not going to change for me the rams will always be the los angeles rams not stupid st. louis rams, bye for good georgia. we know stan will do his best to bring the team back home.

  2. laram says

    Rams home is LA. St. Louis is lucky to even have them. They couldn’t even keep the cardinals back in the day. Guest2 must not know all the facts as to why the Rams moved or have no clue about Los Angeles natives and how we support our team. And all those fair weather fans that this article is talking about must be the people that are moving out here causing traffic jams and accidents.

  3. guest2 says

    Rams belong in St. Louis. The rams ultimately are a business, why would they move to Cali when most businesses are already leaving. L.A. had their shot, wait for expansion. The Californians only follow sports teams if they make the playoffs.

      • guest says

        Hey tommy you didn’t support them before whats changed. You didn’t support the raiders either. New stadiums are what NFL teams are looking for. Rams didn’t get one, raiders didn’t get one, Chargers still hoping for one but 49ers got one. Business is leaving Cali like so many refugees from Syria. Be happy you have the 9ers. Professional football is dead in Cali outside of San Fran. Californians must have better things to do than support struggling franchises.

  4. Brett Shepherd says

    there they go talking about blackouts..the rules were different then and despite that, the crowds were still superior to what st louis does today

  5. Francis Paul Ganon says

    Close the Comments! No other comments are necessary, Thomas Bird hit the target dead center (several times)!

  6. bc1890 says

    You don’t get it. The Dodgers an Clippers just sold for 2 billion dollars. There is a zero percent chance the Rams or any other team will move to L.A. because the other owners will expect the moving team to pay at least that much, probably more. L.A. may eventually get an expansion team for that price. The other owners share the add revenue from the L.A. market now and they are happy with it. The Rams may move to San Antonio or Portland or Sacramento or Austin, but they will never move to L.A.

  7. ROBERT PINCH says

    I been watching the Ram since i was 11yrs old and i love wearing my blue and gold jackie with the ram logo.what got me mad when the they left us with no L.A. team, went to ST. LOUIS, know if the rams come back to play and stay in L.A.. I will always be a ram fan plus i will buy the first ticket to the home game and wear the color of blue and gold.

  8. curt says

    Of course there is no link on the bbtlar about the new multi year deal the Rams signed with 101 espn today lol spin it boys thats what you do with everything lol what a joke

  9. Timmy081777 says

    Josue, the reality is, it’s not just about a “nice stadium”. It IS about the best real estate deal, including development around “the nice state of the art stadium”, most importantly maintaining ownership and operational control of the real estate. Think Dallas. Think New England. That’s where Kroenke wants to be with the NFL. Kroenke and his team are five years ahead in strategy and plans of St Louis and Los Angeles.

  10. Gary W. says

    What a loser. You’re still crying over a team that left you nearly 20 years ago. Get a life you f’n crybaby! Maybe someday you can try and get a team but you’re going to need a stadium first and the Walmart King isn’t going to build it for you. Nobody ever said St. Louis is a great football city. We just said we’re better than LA. By the way, 7 wins is still a losing season. We play a 16 game schedule now.

  11. Thomas Bird says

    The Rams belong in Los Angeles and should have never left. Bring ‘em back home. St. Louis is a baseball town and doesn’t care about football anyway.

    • Curt says

      You couldn’t sell out PLAYOFF games in LA. You had every single home game blacked out during the year you won your 7th straight division title and went to the super bowl. After 2 straight years of blackouts in the 90’s your entire city was peed off when they had to suffer through the 2 home teams on tv and it took both home teams playing each other to sell out the game. Dude really? really? Ive posted so many links that make your argument look like exactly what it is, nonsense. You should move on the to the next thread and start your nonsense posting there like your group always does when someone starts putting out links to facts. If I were you Id let this thread die because people reading it are going to see through the lies of your conspiracy group “Bring Back The LA Rams” lmao what a joke. Go brainwash some more idiots but the truth will come soon enough and set them free!

    • Timmy081777 says

      Thomas, St Louis does love its football, but when the Rams front office, especially the non football side, which is responsible for goodwill, community relations, letting the town know it gives a damn has been the joke of all pro sports for 12 years straight, it is going to take some time. The Rams non football front office is more concerned about their clicks, 2 faced lies, secrets, restaurant gift cards, defaming others and standing on the sideline doing nothing rather than promotions and treating people, fans, customers of St Louis with kindness and respect.

  12. Curt says

    In 1979, The year of the 7th consecutive division title and the year they went to the super bowl the LA crowds didn’t show up so much so that every single home game that season was blacked out. The current Rams are in a 10 year span without a winning season and they question St Louis attendance. They say its because of the move to Anaheim yet in 1979 when they were in LA and had won 7 consectutive division titles on the way to the super bowl where were they? The average attendance was 52,970 in a city of 5 times the population of St Louis. LA don’t support football! Its as simple as that.

    • Thomas Bird says

      Comparing attendance statistics from the 1970’s to today is idiotic. Average attendance at NFL games was only about 55,000 a game at that time and has risen by nearly 20,000 a game since then. They moved to Anaheim because it was a new stadium at the time and Georgia received money for doing so. But hey, nothing says I want to be in St. Louis like two yeras of silence, arbitration and a downtown LA land purchase right? ROFLMAO!!!

      • Curt says

        You have NOTHING to argue actually. You have nothing but excuses as to why football was never supported in LA. You excuse not selling out playoffs, you excuse nor selling out for 2 straight years and complaints when they did, you say its Anaheim but then when that is proven wrong its the 70’s. Its always something right?

        The 8th largest land owner in the US buys land all over the place.

        But I suppose its only when he buys land in LA that the BBTLAR conspiracy quack group think “he must be moving here”. Stan could fart and your conspiracy group would freak out saying it smelled like he at LA Mexican food. NOTHING has ever pointed to a move to LA other than the 8th largest land owner in the US buying a few acres from his wife’s family which he has done on several occasions when they couldn’t get a Walmart in.
        Roll all over the floor, play with yourself and shake your magic 8 ball but your conspiracy group is just that. You should go out and hunt mermaids today also.

        • Thomas Bird says

          boy the bitterness towards Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams is just oozing from you. LOL Hilarious. There’s more fans on that Facebook page then Rams fans in all of St. Louis. ha ha. No wonder you’re so pissed! Yea nothing says I want to be in St. Louis like a football stadium sized land purchase on a site that has long been rumored for the NFL. You can keep lying to yourself that its all meaningless but Stan Kroenke’s actions have done nothing but indicate he does not want to remain in the league’s 31st ranked revenue and attendance market. Truth is LA has two stadium deals in the works and now downtown real estate owned by an actual NFL owner. What deal is in the works in St. Louis? You seem so sure they’re going to stay, okay well where are they going to play? Stan Kroenke is not staying in the Edward Jones Dump and he’s not paying a dime for a new stadium in St. Louis. The arbitration process (which by the way is actually litigation) he just went through ensures that. So where’s this imaginary stadium in St. Louis coming from? You think the state who wouldn’t help out Missouri’s popular teams (Chiefs and Cardinals) are suddenly going to plunk down nearly a billion dollars for a new stadium for a team hardly anyone even cares about? ha ha keep dreaming dude. St. Louis is not a viable football market. Lukewarm fan interest, a broke city which has traditionally been very difficult to get public dollars out of and a tiny market size all spell moving vans dude. Imagine how thrilled the Rams players will be to leave the most invisible, boring market in the country for Hollywood. They’ll undoubtedly all jump for joy including Jeff Fisher who is a SoCal native :)
          Brilliant move by the Rams to sign a multi-year radio deal in St. Louis ensuring their games will be broadcast in two markets after the team is back in LA after this season.

  13. Gary W. says

    Do you guys in LA really believe Stan is your answer?!?!? He’s playing the same games with St. Louis that Georgia did with you guys and Bidwell did with us before. You would be better off with a new team than having the Walmart King in your town.

  14. Gary W. says

    Do the rest of you want a laugh? Take a look at how many cities the size of Los Angeles have NFL teams and then look at L.A.! St. Louis still fills the stadium to about 87% of capacity all while our baseball team plays into mid-October. Considering their record the past several years, that isn’t too bad. What was their average % in LA? Didn’t the Raiders leave LA because of attendance problems?

    • Former Ram Fan. says

      I understand but when you don’t have much to do in St Louis except sports and mayhem you still can’t fill the dome last I checked St Louis is a baseball town that couldn’t keep it’s football team ( Cardinals ) which by the way is doing just fine in the desert, It’s not that we are fair weathered fans we just didn’t believe in giving a team 20 + million a year for decades for bad football and St Louis Rams fans should know the feeling.

    • Thomas Bird says

      Neither the Raiders or Rams left because of attendance you moron. The Raiders actually drew quite well. They left due to stadium issues and stadium issues alone. How both those teams doin’ in their new cities? LOL. No surprise they’re both trying to get back to LA.

      87 percent capacity fills the stadium? Hilarious. 87% was good enough for 29th in the NFL last year ahead of only the 3-13 Redskins, Dolphins and Raiders. In 2012 the Rams were 7-9 barely missed winning the division and had the AP Rookie of the Year yet finished the season ranked 30th in attendance. St. Louis is an awful football market and always has been. Just ask Bill Bidwell. Funny how teams get better when they leave St. Louis yet try to go back to LA after they leave right? ha ha

  15. Cletus Bojangles says

    Why did they leave and why haven’t you gotten a team yet? How did you lose your beloved team to a baseball town with a market a tenth of the size of yours?

  16. Thomas Bird says

    You guys want a good laugh? Take a look at how many teams were worse then the Rams last year yet drew more fans. Some even playing in smaller markets. Better come up with another excuse for the Rams pitiful attendance every year St. Louis. The only team that drew worse last year was the Raiders:

    • Curt says

      One of the most losing periods in NFL history. You would be able to hear echos in LA if that were the case. St Louis has shown great support for the circumstances. Did you see below that LA couldn’t Sell out PLAYOFF GAMES?

      • Thomas Bird says

        boo hoo hoo cry me a river. The team has been competitive 3 out of the last 4 seasons yet attendance has actually decreased during that time period. The Jaguars were 4-12 last year and play in a smaller market then St. Louis yet still outdrew the Rams. Whats your excuse for that? Yea I saw your silly link from a single game in Anaheim back in 1986 where the ticket sales even BEFORE the team bought any tickets was 10,000 more then what the Rams averaged last year. ha ha ha ha. Care to stick the other foot in your mouth?? ROFLMAO!!!

          • Thomas Bird says

            Since were talking about attendance from decades ago instead of today, the St. Louis Cardinals went to the NFL playoffs in 1982 and drew more than 40,000 once the entire season. In 1975 the Cardinals won the NFC West for the second consecutive year and didn’t draw 50,000 fans a single time drawing only 42,000 for their home opener. Talk about pathetic. Old habits die hard eh St. Louis? Rams will be back where they belong in LA in the very near future. Say your goodbyes loser.

          • Curt Waters says

            Oh I’ve pointed out attendance figures for 3 decades in LA. 70s 80s and 90s that were pathetic. We all know that the Cardinals had their issues here and I don’t think anyone ever claimed they didn’t. I don’t think we need to count the 82 strike season for anything. Strike seasons are a joke for any sport. What were talking about here is the RAMS. A city of 13 million then couldn’t sell out games in the 70s 80s and 90s and your trying to compare it to a city of 2 million that was getting 5 or 10 thousand less a game and if you consider the fact that the Rams were perennial winners and the Cardinals were spotty at best well, lol LA is just not a football city. Put a perennial winner here and it will be standing room only as it was in the early 2000’s. Its been proven that LA don’t go win or lose and I’ve seen attendance figures in the 25,000 range when they were losing in LA.

          • Thomas Bird says

            You haven’t pointed out any attendance figures at all. You have cherry picked individual games from way back in the 1970’s and tried to draw a comparison to present day NFL. The Rams broke attendance records in LA and moved to Anaheim only because no team would be able to sell out a 100,000 seat stadium regularly. What part of this are you not understanding? I’m glad you finally agree St. Louis really is a fairweather football city with far worse attendance problems then LA ever had. The Rams were rarely if ever ranked near dead last in attendance in LA the way they have been in St. Louis for the better part of a decade now. The city could barely draw 40,000 a game for a Cardinal team that won back to back division titles so all bringing up attendance figures from the 1970’s does is make you look ridiculous. The size of the city is irrelevant. Miami and Chicago are some of the largest metro areas in the country and they are regularly outdrawn by cities like Buffalo and Green Bay. Jacksonville and Buffalo were both worse teams in smaller markets then St. Louis yet both outdrew the Rams last year. Whats your excuse for that? Apparently those “diehards” in St. Louis will only come out when they have a perennial Superbowl contender and nothing else. At least until the novelty effect of having a new team in town wears off right? LOL. This is a stupid discussion anyway because attendance had nothing to do with the Rams move to Anaheim or St. Louis it was solely a stadium issue just as Al Michaels pointed out in a recent interview. The fact this is news to you screams how little you know about this subject.

  17. Curt says

    You boys forget so fast what was really going on “back in the day” What you really mean is back when Georgia was buying up playoff tickets so you guys could watch on tv!

    Or was it back when home games went 2 years at a time without selling out and when they did sell out against the cross town Raiders no doubt the people of LA were mad smh

    Back in the day right? the good old days when LA didn’t support the NFL? Now Im sure a smart business man like Stan forgot about WHY the Rams moved to St Louis? Especially since he bought his initial shares on THE CONDITION THEY MOVE TO ST LOUIS to begin with. Hey what the heck you got a few thousand people (true number questionable) to believe this nonsense but that don’t make it so.

    • Thomas Bird says

      omg is a St. Loser actually trying to talk about attendance at Rams games in LA? The team has been buying up tickets to avoid blackouts in St. Louis for years and they’ve been ranked at or near dead last in attendance there every year for nearly a decade. The Rams broke attendance records playing in LA and were rarely worse then middle of the pack in attendance in Anaheim. And if you think Stan is going to stay in the league’s 31st ranked revenue and attendance market for sentimental reasons you’re out of your mind. Promise to come back here so we can laugh at you when the Rams are back where they belong in LA next year. ha ha

      • Curt says

        Did you not read the part where they couldn’t sell out PLAYOFF games in LA or do you just choose to ignore the facts. Your making yourself come out as ignorant for your ignorance of facts posted for your pleasure. FAILED TO SELL OUT PLAYOFF GAMES IN LA!!!! Does it get anymore clear?

        • Thomas Bird says

          Hey stupid did you read the link you posted? The team sold 65,000 tickets to that game at Anaheim BEFORE the team purchased 2,000 tickets. Thats nearly 10,000 more tickets then the Rams averaged for any single game ALL OF LAST YEAR and this is back in the freaking 1980’s! bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Nevermind the fact nobody is talking about the team moving back to Anaheim. The proposed stadiums are all in downtown LA. I noticed you didn’t mention any attendance numbers from the Rams time at the LA Coliseum. LOL. I suggest finding another silly argument besides attendance for a single game 20 years ago because attendance in St. Louis is so laughably bad even when the team has been competitive it makes you look like an idiot. Say your goodbyes yet? The Rams are going back to LA whether you like it or not. Stan Kroenke never would have went through the litigation er arbitration process if he had any intentions of remaining in the league’s 31st ranked revenue and attendance market. The Rams belong in LA anyway.

          • Curt says

            Really? Your justifying not selling out PLAYOFF GAMES? Wow PLAYOFFS? You really should just not type anymore because your a moron and its shining through your pathetic words.
            They moved to Anaheim because they rarely sold out in LA look it up. They moved to St Louis because they got no support from that area. So your saying if the Rams are a few miles away the fans of LA wont go? Great fan base!

          • Thomas Bird says

            Hey stupid the Rams played in a 100,000 seat stadium before they moved to Anaheim and still drew about as well as the Rams draw now back in the freaking 1970’s. You really want a good laugh from the past? The St. Louis Cardinals were in the NFL playoffs in 1982 and drew more than 40,000 a grand total of ONCE the entire season. bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      • Riq says

        Why would anyone move yet another sports franchise to an area that is among the highest in unemployment and has one of the worst economies in the nation? Doesn’t it make sense that if the L.A.area was such an inviting place to land a football team then 1) the teams that were there would never have left, and 2) every other team in the NFL would be doing whatever they could to get out of their leases to move there? Yet nobody seems to be willing to take that chance. L.A. is just a giant bargaining chip, that’s all. Besides, I hear Stan Kroenke is wanting to move his OTHER football team to L.A. or should I say FUTBOL team. Can you say L.A. Arsenal?

        • Thomas Bird says

          Sounds more like you’re fishing for reasons in hope the Rams won’t move more than using common sense. Even in bad shape, the LA economy dwarfs St. Louis with massive corporate donors to buy luxury box suites. Teams haven’t moved to LA because LA won’t use public money on a new stadium. I’m not sure what part of this you guys are not comprehending. Yea, keep telling yourself LA is just a bargaining chip while the non-existent talks in St. Louis go on, litigation process that gets them out of their lease and an LA land purchase by the Rams owner all unfold in front of you, LA Arsenal? HIlarious. I’m sure Kroenke wants to move a soccer team in a soccer crazy country to one where skeet shooting draws bigger tv ratings. LOL. The Rams will be back in LA in 2015

  18. Angelgreg says

    Los Angeles DOESN’T have 2 MLB teams. The Dodgers, yes. The Angels, NO. Just because the Angels owner changed their name from Anaheim Angels to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, doesn’t mean they are an LA team. The Angels are an Orange County team. We hate LA.

  19. Jim says

    Let’s be realistic, the RAMS won’t be moving to LA for the 2015 season. The logistics just don’t work out. IF they decide to move I bet it would be around 3 years before the actual move took place after the decision was made. 1 year for permitting and design work and 2 years for construction. I doubt Stan would move before his own stadium was built, plus his stadium lease in St Louis will only help him be able to take his time.

    And this is coming from a St Louis person that is a big RAMS fan.

    • Thomas Bird says

      The Rams could easily play in the Rose Bowl until a new stadium is built so that pretty much disposes of your “logistics won’t work” theory. Nevermind the fact the NFL is not going through what it did with Houston before. When it happens it will happen quickly.

      • Jim says

        It won’t happen quickly. Stan will never play in a stadium that isn’t is in new city. The lease in St. Louis is too much in his favor to make him have to move fast.

        As we know from the past, Stan moves slow and methodical. He won’t make any quick decisions. If they move he will take his time and do it correctly.

        • Thomas Bird says

          I wasn’t aware you were personal friends with Stan Kroenke. Did he reveal this information to you over coffee? As we know from the past, when teams move they move fast. The last time a team didn’t move fast the results were disastrous (see 1996 Houston Oilers). Considering how awful attendance already is in St. Louis, one can only imagine how bad it would be when the Rams become “franchise free agents”. Even playing in the Rose Bowl the team would be FAR better off and worth more playing in the nation’s 2nd largest media market then they are playing in a half empty Edward Jones Dump. Here’s what happened the last time a team played it slow prior to a move:

          • Jim says

            Tom, you gotta keep the emotion out of it and think rationally. The RAMS won’t be there in 2015 no matter how much you want them there. 2017 at the earliest in my eyes….I’m just being realistic and rational.

            Get your head out of LA LA LAND….haha

      • Riq says

        The Rose Bowl????? You might wanna check with RG Canning Attractions on that. Last I heard they had a pretty sweet gig going with the Rose Bowl swap meet on the 2nd SUNDAY of every month. I doubt they’ll wanna share.

  20. boeing46 says

    Stan has been silent for a long time because his team has a season to play in St. Louis. Once the word gets out about their return to Los Angeles the ED will be less than empty. A good businessman easily sees his team getting the lowest attendance in the league wants to move to a big city with open arms. The last owner ran the team into the ground so she could move and it still hasn’t recovered except for a few glory yrs. They’ll come back to LA because that’s where the money and fans are. I actually think they may trade away the 2nd pick in the draft for future yrs when they’re in LA. California has huge booster clubs for the Rams all over the state, A Facebook BBTLAR with 35,000 members and they have giant events every single game day. They’re having a picnic soon that usually has hundreds of LA Ram Fans. Come on home guys because the booster club in St. Louis had almost a dozen boosters attend a keep the Rams in St. Louis event.

  21. Curt says

    Farmers Field isn’t even an option for the Rams. Not happening. The bbtlar conspiracy quack job group is brainwashing people but sit back and look at all the facts. LA as a city a near bankrupt one at this point has to build a stadium if they want a football team there and don’t look for help from the near bankrupt state either. LA is fools gold nothing more. It’s a tool teams use for leverage against their current market. If all the money was there a team would have been there a long time ago and banks would be lined up for the loans needed.

    • Thomas Bird says

      You are in serious denial. For one thing, the stadium proposals in LA have all been private funding so your comment about LA being “bankrupt” is not only incorrect but irrelevant. LA is a far better market than St. Louis which is currently ranked 31st in both attendance and revenue. You can keep telling yourself its all about “leverage” but the reality is St. Louis is flat broke and already stated they are not spending any money on a new stadium for the Rams. The one and only reason LA does not have a team is because LA refuses to use public money on a new stadium. The Rams will be back in Los Angeles by next year just wait and see.

      • Curt says

        Actually your flat out wrong! St Louis has never said it
        will not fund a stadium. As a matter of
        fact the governor said not to worry because he sees a scenario that will work
        for both the Rams and the tax payer also indicated that there are private talks.

        So you think these private financed stadiums are going to
        let the Rams come for free???? Last I heard your private funded boys want a
        major stake in a team to let them come. You think Stan is going to give up a major steak in the team when he has public money on the table in St Louis? Keep shaking that magic 8 ball lol. The bbtlar conspiracy group is like a brainwashing cult but it don’t make it so. There will be no football in LA until
        there is a publicly funded stadium for them to play in bank it!

        • Thomas Bird says

          Stan has public money on the table in St. Louis? LMAO. Hey Einstein St. Louis formally rejected three offers from the Rams already and even rejected the arbitration ruling. There is no public money even close to whats needed for a new stadium and the Rams are basically asking for a billion dollars. Kroenke doesn’t have to give up a stake in the Rams because he now owns land on a football ready site in LA. Owning a team and stadium in downtown LA would make him one of the most powerful owners in sports. Brainwashing cult? You sir are in serious denial. There have been zero talks between Kroenke and your governor to keep the Rams in the worst football market in the country who doesn’t even care about the team. Tell me where is the money for this imaginary stadium in St. Louis coming from anyway? Good grief St. Loser wouldn’t even pony up any money for the Cardinals new stadium. Are you seriously delusional enough to think theyre going to come up with a billion dollars to keep a team the city doesn’t even care about? Hilarious. Say your goodbyes the Rams are going back to LA where they belong.

          • Curt says

            LMAO the BBTLAR conspiracy clan has you believing all that nonsense they preach. Watch the video. WOW I cant believe some of you believe that cult nonsense that’s posted over there. Do so true research on the subject. Not the spun nonsense that’s posted over there.

          • Luis Perez says

            I agree you with thomas the people of st.louis are blind to see what going to happen in 2015 when the rams move back home to L.A.

        • Thomas Bird says

          Never said they won’t fund a new stadium huh? Hey moron you can join the rest of us here in reality anytime:

          “Kathleen “Kitty” Ratcliffe, president of the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission, sent a letter to the Rams to say the agency is “not in a position” to pay for a $700 million renovation.”

  22. CFAN says

    “LA offers Farmers Field”…huh? LA still has the same venues it had 20 years ago when the NFL left. I don’t care what anyone says, ALL fans are fair weather fans, it doesn’t matter what city. If a team goes into an extended tailspin, fans stop showing up. It happens in NY, Dallas, KC, even Green Bay. People don’t like wasting money. If the RAMS returned to respectability, the ED would be filled to the rafters once again. Plus, the NFL has no incentive to relocate a team to LA when they can extract billions in expansion fees.

    • Thomas Bird says

      The Rams were in the playoff hunt until several of the last few years yet they were still ranked 31st in attendance. St. Louis is a dreadful football market and always has been

      • CFAN says

        The RAMS sold out their home games for the first 10+ years in St. Louis until around 2006 when the team fell off the ledge. St. Louis is as viable a football market as there is in the country, which is why the NFL returned 7 years after the worst run franchise in existence left. How long has LA been without a team again?

        • Thomas Bird says

          The Rams were in the playoff hunt until the final week of the season 3 years ago and were undefeated against the NFC West year before last yet they still ranked near dead last in attendance. Even the lowly Jaguars who play in a smaller market and had a worse team last year outdrew the Rams. St. Louis is an awful football market and has only drawn well a handful of season dating back to when the Cardinals played there. The one and only reason LA doesn’t have a team is because they refused to use public tax dollars on a new stadium. The Rams will be back in LA where they belong after this season.

      • KillerRamen says

        It’s been 10 years since the Rams were in the playoffs and they’ve consistently had the worst record in the NFL including that 1-15 season in 2009. They’re just a terribly run organization and that’s not going to change if they move to LA.

        • Thomas Bird says

          The Jaguars have been an even worse team yet they still outdrew St. Louis last year. How do you explain that away? St. Loser is a baseball town, not a football town. The Rams belong in Los Angeles anyway

          • CFAN says

            Last season the RAMS drew 87.2% of capacity which was more than Miami, Washington and Oakland…and 1% less than Pittsburgh. So, using your logic they should all lose their team, too. Even in 2009 when they won 1 game, they drew at 84.6% capacity. 2006 and prior they drew at 100% capacity and began to decline when they became the doormat in the NFC West.

          • Thomas Bird says

            wow they ranked a whopping 29th in stadium capacity. Hilarious. Considering half in attendance were fans of other teams much of last year I’d say thats fairly impressive. ha ha. Nice attempt at trying to cherry pick some misleading stats but sorry Nancy the Rams attendance in St. Louis flat out stinks anyway you look at it. Multiple teams in smaller markets with worse seasons last year outdrew the Rams and the team ranked 31st in attendance a few years ago in the playoff hunt until the final week of the season. Not sure how you splain all that way but knock yourself out.

  23. Michael Grande says

    I would think that Goodell & NFL owners would to love remove that black eye, not to mention financial rain fall for tv rights…NFL is MIA in L.A. Looks bad! #laRams2015

  24. NFLobserver says

    The NFL is going to charge a significant “location fee” to whichever team decides to move to L.A. and it is going to be a very steep price. Add to that the cost of building a stadium and the numbers don’t work out (unless of course you are a billionaire that doesn’t care about the economics). Even if there is a stadium sharing deal like the Jets and Giants have, it is still very pricey, although the NFL will treat San Diego (the Spanos’) a lot more kindly than they will the Rams (Kroenke). Farmers Field is probably dead, although an alliance with the Dodgers on the Chavez Ravine site might be a possibility. Was Kroenke’s move on the Inglewood property a serious one, a bluff, or a purchase that could be used for a new soccer stadium?

    • limdog says

      I think maybe Kroenke purchased that as insurance in case Farmer’s falls through. If he’s in it for the long haul a move to LA is good for him.

    • Youngblood says

      #1 Building a football stadium at Chavez Ravine is a dead issue, won’t work parking and traffic wise,and#2 Frank McCourt still kept ownership of the parking lot after he sold the Dodgers and no one wants to deal with him. And why would Kroenke build another soccer stadium a few miles from Carson,where there is already a soccer stadium for pro soccer and high school football games? the Inglewood site is the best location for a football stadium,provided the land where Hollywood Park sits can be acquired.

    • Thomas Bird says

      If relocation fees and red tape is St. Louis’ last hope for the Rams remaining in the league’s 31st ranked revenue and attendance market you are seriously grasping for straws. Owning a team and stadium in the nation’s second largest media market will instantly make any owner who moves there one of the most powerful and wealthy owners in sports. Nevermind the fact the league never wanted the Rams in St. Louis in the first place. If the Rams decide not to move to LA I can promise you it won’t be over relocation fees.

  25. Gary W. says

    Andrew, I’m pretty sure the support for the Rams is currently among the lowest attended teams in the NFL due to the fact that they’ve set records for being one of the worst teams in the NFL over the last several years. This fact, along with Kroenke’s well-known moves to move the team or hold St. Louis hostage for a new stadium is the reason why. We didn’t have any problem filling the Dome when the Rams were in their St. Louis prime either. STL is going through the same crap with the Rams LA went through before they headed east and much the same crap as when Bidwell took the Football Cardinals years prior. It’s a just something these owners do when they need to have someone or in this case, a lot of someone’s kiss their butts.

    • Thomas Bird says

      What possible reason would the Rams have for wanting to stay in St. Louis? Its a horrible football market anyway you look at it

  26. Professor Blue says

    Farmers Field is dead. Kroenke will build a new stadium at Hollywood Park. If not, he just spent 90 million dollars there for no reason at all.

  27. Gary W. says

    “Although a move to Los Angeles for the Rams is a no brainer”? What am I missing? After many years of agony, doesn’t St. Louis still support the Rams? Has St. Louis become a bad sports city all of the sudden? How much support did L.A. give the Rams prior to their move to St.Louis? Yet now it’s a “no brainer”? Do some research and don’t just give your readers your wishful thinking line of c___!

    • Andrew * says

      Yes do some research. The St Louis Rams are currently among the lowest attended teams in the NFL. Before Georgia ran the LA Rams to the ground and made well known moves to move the team from Anaheim attendance fell. Duh! In the Rams heday in LA they were among the heaviest attended teams of all time. I believe the still do held a three game record for attendance was over 100K. LA would support this team very well.

      • steve says

        Yes andrew is a former die hard LA Rams fan,I never missed a Rams game when they were in LA.All you got to do to see the proof is in the pudding for yourself that Andrew is telling the truth that they were the most heaviest attended teams of all time is watch the old Rams games played in LA in the seasons shortly before they moved to st Louis. The stadium would be packed to the max.
        St Louis doesnt deserve the Rams.I have friends that live there and they can easily get a good ticket to a game if they desire since the stadium is always half empty pretty much all the time.Its not hard getting a ticket there at all.The fans there are fair weather fans.
        When the Rams first moved there,the first couple years when they were bad,that place was half filled all the time.Then Kurt Warner came along and only then,did they start to pack the stadium.Now that they are bad again,that place is back to being a ghost town again. The fans there in St Louis support the Cardinals and The Blues,but they are not into football at all out there.

        • Neil says

          I think your memory is colored by your fond memories of “back in the day”. It get it and respect your love of the team but the LA Rams were not selling out all their games. My memory was of being annoyed a lot, because I wanted to watch Jerome Bettis steam roll people only to find that the home games were always blacked out locally due to lack of attendance. It was ultimately lack of attendance and issues with the Stadium that had the Rams bolt for StL.

          • Me says

            Let’s be honest here. I was a season ticket holder during that time and we were all turned off by then owner G. Front&reary. She spoiled the experience by her pettiness and blatant disregard for the fan base.

          • Thomas Bird says

            The Rams move to St. Louis had nothing to do with attendance. It was stadium issues and stadium issues only. Playing in a massive television market like Los Angeles makes attendance all but irrelevant anyway and the Rams were mostly middle of the pack in attendance during their time in Anaheim. If attendance truly mattered there would not be a single team in Florida, Ohio or Arizona. Its all about a stadium and market size.

    • Thomas Bird says

      St. Louis is an awful football market and pretty much always has been. The Rams belong in Los Agneles anyway

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