Chicago Bulls: Analyzing this overachieving season

In another season deprived of Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls have seemingly exceeded all the low expectations that were then thrust upon them as they currently sit in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. Granted some of the Bulls success has been a result of the much weakened state of this season’s Eastern Conference; I will be shocked if any team besides the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers play in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals.

That being said the Bulls still deserve a ton of credit for not quitting on this season when their best player Derrick Rose, went down for the season with a torn MCL and their second best player Luol Deng, was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for nothing other than cap relief. It seemingly is just in the personality of this team to never say die and as a true basketball fan it is very difficult not to appreciate that.

The main catalysts for this never say die attitude are head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star center Joakim Noah. Noah is seemingly the perfect fit for any Thom Thibodeau coached team because of his astounding defensive capabilities and intense personality. Whenever Noah is on the floor he is giving his maximum effort which is something that Thibodeau expects of all of his players.

However Joakim Noah cannot do everything by himself. General Manager Gar Forman has done a great job of filling this roster with players who have done nothing but win in the past meaning they know how to win and it is almost impossible for them to accept losing.

Taj Gibson is a perfect example of another player who fits into the scheme of this Chicago Bull’s team perfectly because of his very energetic style of play. Gibson was actually the first player drafted by Forman back in 2009 when he was hired by the Chicago Bulls. The smart selection of Taj Gibson late in the first round really set the tone for Forman making brilliant selections late in the first round of the NBA draft.

Another brilliant selection by Forman was when he selected Jimmy Butler with the last selection of the 2011 NBA draft. Usually players selected that late in the draft have a very small chance of succeeding but Butler has turned into a solid starter for the Chicago Bulls. Like Gibson and Noah Butler is a very hard working player who plays outstanding defense making him a great fit for this year’s Chicago Bulls’ team.

Finally the greatest move that Forman has made has been signing free agent point guard Kirk Hinrich before last season. Hinrich also fits the mold of a Tom Thibodeau coached team because of his scrappy personality. Signing Hinrich appeared all the more genius when Rose went down for the season and the Bulls were in desperate need of a starting point guard. Hinrich will never lead the league in scoring like Rose has the capability of doing but he is a great leader and almost an extension of coach Thibodeau on the court.

All of these factors have come together and lead to another successful season for the Chicago Bulls and as a true Bulls fan I could not be prouder.