Barcelona F.C. victorious against Real Madrid: Messi shows his best form

Barcelona F.C.

The best player in the world

Barcelona F.C. managed to beat the powerful Real Madrid by 4-3, with a hat-trick by an inspired Lionel Messi and an aggressive Andres Iniesta.

It has come to the point in which Barcelona cannot ask for more from their star player, he has emerged in a time in which the team needed him the most on a crucial league-defining moment, and when his form was being questioned. There shouldn’t be any questions about who the best player in the world is anymore, he managed to take his team, that was on a slump and was starting to forget about fighting for the league title, and pushed it to win a crucial game that puts them back in the race.

Two of the goals of the hat-trick by Messi were penalty kicks, they were executed spectacularly even when it was a time of high pressure for him and for the team. The first goal by Iniesta came from an amazing pass by Messi, penetrating the defensive line and leaving the right-back without a chance.

Is the Barcelona Messi different from the Argentina Messi?

The answer is yes, Messi’s role for each of the teams varies and depends on what they need from him. Messi has matured throughout  his years as a professional player, he now tries to make the game simpler. The Messi that plays for Barcelona looks to create and follow up with a play, he doesn’t try to dribble through as many players anymore, he looks for the exact placement of a pass, in other words, he plays a bigger role in the creation than he used to.

The Messi that plays for Argentina is more dynamic in the attack, he has to use his old ways of dribbling and while splitting the middle of the field, he looks for spaces to either penetrate or finish. Di Maria, Aguero, and Higuain, are all amazing players that can create as well as finish, they all have the characteristics to start a through pass play, as well as to counter attack. All these other players are asked to create space with runs, splitting the defense in the middle and on the wings, giving Messi options. Messi is the best because of his ability to make the right decisions when it matters the most.

How would this league end? Who will win?